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August 29, 2016


Nancy Watkins

Thanks for the 30 degree angle information. Anxious to find the perfect fabric because I plan on making this one! Have a great Monday and stay safe!

Deb W

Let us know how the 6-1/2" Drunkard's Path templates work for you. I purchased the pattern and then read directions and saw it was applique. Love the pattern, but applique...not so much...


The first ruler is awfully long & I wonder if it's really practical for most projects requiring a wedge? Normally, I like Creative Grids so that's disappointing. We have so many fires in our own area & nearby Yellowstone N.P. that it's going to take a good snowfall to put them all out. Very sad fire situation in the West this summer.


Thanks for the tip with the ruler I'll check it out.
And good luck with the fire hope you're safe.

Mary Kastner

Good information about the ruler. Makes sense to me!


Here's a really cute scrappy pattern that uses the longer ruler.


Where did you get the Drunkard's Path template set? Do you recall? I think I might like that better than applique too.

Cindy Krelle

I took this class from Sherri and you can also use decorative stitches (or blanket stitch) to attach your wedges to the background piece. All the projects in class were done differently and they all came out great. I agree with the shorter 30* wedge. It was a fun project!

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