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August 23, 2016


Mary Kastner

Very pretty. I think you will have fun with this one. I will be awaiting your take on the ruler. Have a good week!


Tracey Holzer

That will be gorgeous!!

Nancy Watkins

Love this too! Anxious to hear about the ruler.


It's a beautiful quilt or quilts since both, Sherri's and Sinta's are amazing.
BTW the pattern is available seperatly in Sherri's shop but it's named Mahalo there and there#s also a mini version.


sinta's quilt is gorgeous! i love denyse schmidt fabric. has such a cool retro vibe to it. ;p


I love those Denyse Schmidt fabrics, and used in that quilt pattern, they are a standout. Hope you get the time to get it going, I'd love to see your progress.

Susan Bailey

Which magazine did you find the pattern in?


This one is on my to-make list too. I think you can buy the individual pattern, called Mahalo, from Sherri of A Quilting Life.

pam hansen

Definitely interested in hearing what you have to say about this project.


I'll be following along! This one is going to be gorgeous…but aren't they all?!


You will love making this as the pieces sew together so nicely. I love template cutting and sewing.


Have fun sewing! You can also used curved piecing for this quilt...I've been teaching it that way lately, and it goes extra fast that way!

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