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August 19, 2016



Cute pincushions! And Carrie's post about them was great and so fun to read.


My U pins & numbered pins co-exist nicely in the same pincushion, as well. Other than that it's the magnetic pin holder for the rest of them. I really need to do something about that!


Yep...they are cute and can see where everyone needs to update their pincushions every so often. Guess I will be looking for a pattern:)))


I love using my Avon little pig pin cushion. This has been in use for many years. I do have some on display as well. I see you have a few `Frivil` tins. When #12 from Laundry Basket comes I will have the complete collection. Still thinking on which one to start. :) Happy Stitching.

Jennifer in Indy

I liked that blog post too and had the same thought - I know I have a couple patterns in my stash, will have to pull them out!


Cute pincushion collection. My cute ones sit on a shelf, too. My 'working' pin holder is a black magnet about 2" or so in diameter. One could get a good prick from it, but I seem to have mastered (almost) the prick-less pin retrieval method. Not pretty, but I love that I can flick a pin at it as I'm sewing along and know the pin will not end up rolling around somewhere.


that watermelon one is adorable! ;p

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