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August 17, 2016


pam hansen

I have one of the three and enjoyed looking at the projects. Nothing has been made yet but someday... There's just not enough time.
I do like the offering of small projects
and would certainly use them. You are definitely correct in saying they make for good

Nancy Watkins

I, too, have one of those books and love it! I do want more! Haven't made anything yet but will one day.


The books are on my wishlist.


I agree these are great books! I have all three. I bought the second book, then ordered the first one. When I heard a third book was coming out, I asked my LQS to notify me when it came in so I wouldn't have to wait!

Tracey Holzer

I'd love all three of these books.


Those books look very tempting! I'm going over to Amazon for a look!


Love the books & have several of the little quilts. I made the little quilts the individual patterns. I am in the process of re-making Uncle Frank's Socks.


i don't love cw fabric but i sure love the block designs used in cw quilts. so beautiful.

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