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September 20, 2016


Mary Kastner

The fountain is exciting news. I love the sound of water. I think you will grow to love it fast ( or at least until it gets too cold to sit outside!). Enjoy your week Nicole.


Donna M

The last time my machine broke the thread like that, it turned out to be an ever so slightly bent needle. After trying everything else, I replaced the needle and nice seams were back. The needle looked perfectly fine, but sure caused lots of frustration. Hope your good machine returns home soon.


Sorry to hear that you still have problems with your backup sewing machine and your normal one is in the shop. Perhaps you should bring your backup machine to the shop too and hope they figure out the problem.
I didn't make the xmas blocks yet but I've seen that block 6 is fairly simple (although I'm not cutting at 15/16" I'm using the sew-and-flip method with 1.5" squares;-)
Yes, please show us pictures of the fountain it's sounds really good:-)


With so much frustration over sewing machines a soothing fountain sounds like a good alternative! It's not as productive, but it's good for you to relax a bit!

Rebecca Ball

Love the sound of a fountain. I have had the same thing happen with thread (also sew on Berninas) especially with thinner thread which I love. It was solved by putting in a slightly larger needle. Hope something works for you.

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