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September 09, 2016



I love the randomness of the placement of the blocks. So subtle but very interesting!


I made this quilt for the parade a few years ago and finally quilted it this summer. I made a few smaller stars to add some interest and left the border off because honestly I just want this quilt finished when I (re-)discovered it this summer in my UFO pile;-)

Tracey Holzer

Wow, you really went to town in a hurry with this quilt, Nicole!! I made Bounce in red and white after seeing Thelma's version on her blog and it was thru her blog that I came across you and your blog way back when!! Technology is truly amazing, heh?!? And you picked the right greens, IMO. They are definitely more in the same strength category than the lighter greens. I'm putting the final border on my Shiloh quilt today and it'll be nice to get a new project going finally! Take care!!

Nancy Watkins

You simply amaze me get so much done! I love those stars! Thanks for continuing your blog where so many haven't. I know it is time consuming but appreciated!


I'm looking forward to seeing your border…as I said previously, I just love that 'bouncy' border! And, yes, ditto to what Nancy says above! Thank you for continuing to share your wonderful quilt-making through this blog! It's like hearing from a good friend when you post!


So pretty! Love how this is turning out, plus you're sooo fast!

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