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September 30, 2016


Nancy Watkins

I can't believe they didn't call you and tell you your machine was ready! Grrrr Decorations look good and Eva has good taste with that Mac and cheese. Have a great weekend!

Clara Chandler

I work for a quilt shop that sells and repairs Berninas and other brands. We always call when the machine is ready to return home. Lovely picture of your home.


Seriously?? Who doesn't call the client when their machine is ready? I sure hope the sticker has been left off--that would just be adding insult to injury! Your Fall decor looks so festive! Have a great time with your guests--you can't go wrong with mac 'n' cheese!


Do they want customers calling them continually to ask about the status of the machines, wouldn't that be a waste of their time? Less so than calling the client when a machine is done. How bizarre! Enjoy your company and your sewing time.


Wow! I've never heard that before! You would think they wouldn't want the liability or have the space to have machines sitting around! Anyway...glad you have your Bernina back and can get back to some serious sewing! Have a great time with your guests.


One courteous phone call when the machine is ready would be a time saver compared to multiple calls of inquiries. My mechanic has never put a sticker on my machines but he is now in his eighties and the search is on for a new mechanic. When I find a good one I will definitely find out his preference. With the machine ready and Eva at school should bring more sew time. Enjoy the time with your guests.

Helen storer

Customer service is just aint what it use to be. How did he expect to get paid! Glad you have your baby back and can get down to sewing. September and the beginning of spring skipped here in West Australia has been cold and wet. Nieghbouring state has been without power for twodays flooding and high winds. Worlds weather has gone crazy.


Love your table decor! Looks so inviting, lol on the carrion crows! I hope you don't take your machine back to that guy. It would be worth the trip somewhere else instead of waiting for him and his lack of customer service.

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