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September 08, 2016


Karen Seemuth

This is looking fabulous and the blocks aren't even assembled. I love the colors you chose and I love the sparkles!

Bbarbara Annearbara Anne

The more yummy fabrics, the beter! Looking good, too!


Mary Kastner

Great stars can't wait to see your next step!

Laura Valdez

Yesterday I got online to purchase the Bounce pattern, found the site no problem. Got interrupted and had to close it down. Today, while its quiet, I cannot pull up the website to save my soul! UGH! I love the colors you've chose and love the pattern. Beginning to think I'm not supposed to do this right now!


those are beautiful!


Thanks for the update on color selections. The post on tone really helped. I'm really looking forward to following along with this quilt. You rock.


Yes, you are right, the stars do sparkle. Great idea to use many fabrics in each star.


Wow - you are fast at putting this quilt together. It is going to be very nice. At this rate you'll have it together by Monday!


Oh My such neatly organized fabrics! beautiful stars as well. Mary

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