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September 28, 2016



The only things I did so far for my fall decoration was making a tablerunner and buying some pumpkins. I'm still enjoying the last summer days (not ready for fall yet since we didn't have something you could call summer the weather was just too bad).

Chris H

I can't imagine that kind of heat this time of year. We have had some glorious fall days here in NH mostly the mid 60's. I got the fall quilts out and some mums and pumpkins but other than that I'm not too much of a fall or Halloween decorator.

Stephani in N. TX

Fall came in on the wings of big-time rain for N. Central TX, 5-6 inches over the wknd. The temp this a.m. is 62, but expected to hit mid-80's till a cold front tomorrow. It's not usually consistently fall cool here until Columbus Day, but I'll take it. A week ago it was 103, real-feel. I have a few Fall quilts out since the quilt group will meet here next week. I have even had inspiration for a Halloween quilt, my first ever.


You've been very busy between the HST's & the decorating! Your Fall decorations look so nice & your helper is growing up way too fast!


I can't believe how much that little girl has grown! so adorable!

i'm in fremont and it was 96 here. ugh. the gym was 78. ugh. ;p


Yup we are dying over here in Brentwood too! To top it off we bought a new mattress that both my husband and I agree puts off heat despite having those temperature regulating sheets 😩 . OMG on how big Eva looks! I swear she's grown a foot since the last time you showed her! She's adorable 😍


Nicole, that is a lovely photograph. One that will bring many fond memories in the future. Winter here was cold, wet, and grey. Spring so far has only given five days of blue skies and sunshine. Makes yard work extremely difficult especially trying to mow when it is so water logged and not get the ride-on bogged.

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