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September 28, 2016


pam hansen

I need to use my Easy Angle as well. I have
gotten into the habit of making my hsts larger and then trimming.


I totally agree with you about making your triangles with the Easy Angle ruler. Trimming is hard on my wrist and elbow ( tendonitis) so I try to avoid it. Making flying geese with the companion ruler and the triangles is easy and perfect too! Thanks for sharing!

Stephani in N. TX

In July I went on a quilt cruise with Bonnie Hunter(to Alaska, great in July) We learned to cut HSTs with the Easy Angle ruler, and I am sold for those quilts that require large numbers, easier and more accurate. I have also found it easier to trim HSTs while they are folded, before you open them up. E. Burns has a great ruler for doing that as I'm sure some others do.


Yay for having success sewing on your backup machine! Have you thought about maybe purchasing a better backup machine? I recently sewed on a featherweight and was so impressed with the little thing and it's accurate pretty stitches. Would be cute to have for visitors...just saying 😍

Vic in NH

The EZ angle and Companion rulers are just indispensable to me, too. I never trim. If they are made, they go in the quilt!


I wish I had seen this post before I made a gazillion half square triangles for my Crossroads quilt. I used papers and I'm not sure what happened but some of the squares were off by 1/8th of an inch! Good grief. I have this ruler and I've used it but now I'm getting rid of all of my triangle papers. Lesson learned!

Nancy Watkins

Papers are so boring to sew with and not my favorite and I have never tried the Easy Angle ruler even though I have one setting here so must do that! I love the Wedding Ring blocks!

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