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October 28, 2016


Kathleen G

I've been making myself sit down and do bindings too. If only someone would make the bindings for me, and attach to the quilt, I would happily spend my evenings hand sewing the other side down. I know it can all be done my machine, but I rather enjoy the hand sewing part. I've finished 4 this week...2 big quilts to go! Looking forward to the Halloween party pics!


Binding is my least favorite thing to do. I too have a couple of gifts that need finishing but I don't have as many as you do for gifting.


Binding. Boring. Tedious. Necessary evil I guess. Think how happy you are going to make your recipients! Good luck.



You quilts to bind look so pretty all piled up together! I have a feeling you'll get them bound with time to spare. Enjoy the family celebration this week-end!

Becky T

Bindings....I love them! Its my second favorite part of making a quilt cause now it is done and I can step away and look at what has been playing in my head since I started it. Audio books help a lot with this final step also. Actually Audio books help with everything but the math of doing a quilt. lol

Lynda Hermann

I love hand sewing binding - too bad we don't live closer, I would love to help you on your bindings.


Sewing bindings one is actually okay for me as long as there is a good TV show or DVD. But then I've never had to sew as many bindings as you have ... good luck and a glass of wine.


Oh I wish I had your problem, I enjoy bindings.
Can't wait to see your costume. I'm going to be "elf on the shelf".


yep, working on xmas binding here, too. ;p


How about using a decorative machine stitch to sew the bindings on? I'm going to try it tonight on a tablerunner. I think it'll look cute, and it will certainly be quicker!


What a nice stack of quilts you have for Christmas! Can't wait to see your costume and decorations, you always have the best costumes :)


Nothing is more satisfying than a completed project. Don't forget to add the label.

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