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October 20, 2016



I think you can more than "get away" with the trouser outfit you mentioned. Last wedding we attended appeared to be an anything goes affair when it came to attire. It was really everything, including a few dressed quite casually (men without ties) and a couple of saris, which I loved (on Indian women).


Of course you are in the top 100 quilt blogs! If it were up to me, I'd place you way higher. I always enjoy your posts, quilting related or not, and think that if we ever met in person, we'd be friends.


I'm not surprised that you are included in top 100 blogs! I enjoy reading your blog, it is like visiting with a friend. I don't have a dress in my closet and everything seems so casual today...maybe too much at times. Keep posting!


I appreciate & enjoy your blog! Congrats on the award!!


Congratulations on your well-deserved award. You have been my inspiration for many years.

Karen L.

I'm a long time fan and love your updates. I seem to be more of a lurker these days than a commenter and I need to be better about expressing my appreciation. These are such ugly times now and your blog is an oasis of calm. Instagram seems to be where everyone is now. I love seeing the photos but I do miss the words there. You clearly have lots of fans and we all support you.


Congratulations on your blog award! I have to admit that although I don't always comment, I do read all your blog posts - and enjoy them.
Yes, I think that you can easily "get away with" black trousers, a nice top dressed up with some jewelry. I was amazed at how casual everyone dressed at the last wedding I attended - I actually felt over dressed!

Jan Goerke

Please don't quit blogging. Yours is the first I read every morning and feel a little let down when you don't I just reread the past couple. Love your style.


Congratulations on your reward! I enjoy reading about your projects everyday. Have a great weekend!


Congratulations on your award! I love reading your blog, but find it hard to respond to every posting by all the bloggers I follow. Just know we still follow and read along and enjoy it all. Thank you, Nicole.


Congratulations on your award! I must say that it is always pleasing to open your posts and find no miserable popups or distracting sidebar ads. Just a post from a nice blogging friend.

Altho I live further north of you in a very laid back rural area where the dress code reflects same, I still would say that your wedding attire plan would be quite lovely and acceptable in your more sophisticated area. Here, I am always astonished at the super casual dress approach (shorts and tees!) some guests take when attending a formal wedding. But such is CA.

Hopefully this cooler weather will last. Love the turning leaf color.

I very much enjoyed your chat today.

Donna M

Although I rarely comment, your blog is the first I read every morning. I really enjoy the mix of quilting and everyday life. Congrats on your award.

Patty Fowl

Good Morning Nicole,
Congratulations on winning the Top 100 Quilting Blog award!! It is richly deserved and am so happy you are recognized and honored in this way. I have followed your blog (religiously) though frequently don't comment as I either don't have anything "life shattering" to say or am not in a good position to respond (easier to respond on my computer than on my phone). I LOVE your blog... I love following your quilting projects, your decorating, your family, and other of your day-to-day goings on, like books you have liked, TV programs and movies you like. Thank you for taking the time to share yourself with us! And I think the black cigarette pants and a lovely top will be perfect for your wedding venue! Have a wonderful time!

Linda Enneking

I really enjoy reading your blog, and check it every morning to see if there is anything new. I share your taste in quilt styles and decor, and love when you share photos of your home. Thanks for being a bright spot in my day almost every morning.


Congratulations, Nicole! As several have already commented, I read your blog first every morning & appreciate that you don't have ads popping up & lining your margins! Your quilts are always well-planned & meticulously pieced which draws me in, of course! I enjoy hearing about your beautiful family & the lovely decorating ideas you share. I've said many times that a post with your fuzzball, Ozzie, always makes me smile! Cheers for many more blog posts to come!

Karen Tunnicliffe

I discovered your blog in 2006 and have followed it since. I, too am a quilter, have a grown son and daughter, and a grandma. So many of my favourite blogs have gone the way of the dodo, I'm grateful for the ones like you that keep us inspired. You are a prolific quilter and I appreciate that you share with us, I also enjoy your book reviews, occasional recipe and whatever else you decide to fill us in with. Keep it coming. Karen


Congratulations on your blog award. I think that yours is the very first blog I ever came across, and that might have been when you were just getting started. I didn't start mine in earnest until 2009 when I retired, but yours was one I followed early on.

Thinking back on what drew me to your blog, I believe you had a picture of a finished quilt that was made with a particular line of (maybe?) 3 Sisters fabric - I had the same FQ pack. I just knew our tastes were similar, and I wanted to see more of what you did.

I, too, refuse to take on ads or sponsors. I keep my blog mostly for the sake of record-keeping. Not only do I keep track of my own projects, but I also have helped quite a few sewing/quilting friends out when they needed to be reminded of when they worked on this or that.

It's been fun chit-chatting with you! ;)


Congrats on your Blog Award! I have been reading your blog for a few years now and rarely comment but do enjoy all your posts. I also have Luminara candles in my house! Love them. Keep up the great writing and beautiful quilts that you share with us.


Congratulations on your blog award. I agree wholeheartedly, black pants will work - definitely. Enjoy the wedding. I will have to find one of those vacdles. They sound terrific. I hope u keep logging for a long time!



Thank you, Nicole, for continuing to blog. Always turn to you first thing each day, enjoy the huge range of things you write about, and really appreciate your generosity in sharing!


Congratulations on your blog award. I am not surprised. I always enjoy seeing your posts even though I don't always respond. The projects you are working on and post are so inspiring and informative. Yes, I think you could pull off the pants and fancy top for a Fall wedding. Happy Blogging:) Connie

Kathleen G

Congratulations! Your blog is my most favorite, and the first one I go to each morning. I'm always so glad to see a new post, and am always inspired and amazed at your wonderful quilting, and enjoy the peeks into your life. I'd put you #1 on MY list!


Congrats. Even though I rarely comment on your blog I check every day to see what you are up to. Love to see your quilts and decorating ideas.

Clara Chandler

Congratulations!! I start my day reading through blogs that appeal to me and I truly like the projects and articles seen on your blog. Lovely picture of the fireplace, I can see you in a chair nearby stitching a binding/


Congrats to your adward you totally deserve it and I love your blog!
It's absolutly okay to wear pants and a fancy top for a wedding but ... wouldn't you love to spend some money on buying a great dress?

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