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October 27, 2016



I love when you do book reviews. Often there just isn't the time to browse in the library, and I'd rather read some recommendations from people I relate to and then go get those books.


Thanks Nicole for the book reviews and have written down a few that look good and want to read. Nice to have a bit more info on these books and thanks for sharing...


I love reading too, so I enjoy your book reviews. Your review of The Girl on the Train was right on - I read it in two days. Would have finished it sooner if I didn't have to cook and sleep!


Thanks for the reviews! I've made a list and will stock my Kindle!


Loved Apple Tree Yard and read everything else she wrote, The Stone Cradle was a good read too.. also loved Light between Oceans, just thought the ending was sad for her. I shall look up the others, see if I will like them.


Thanks for the reviews! I'm saving the ones I want to read on Goodreads.

Loris Mills

Thank you for the wonderful book reviews! I read Eligible awhile back on Net Galley and couldn't agree with you more. I love references to Jane Austen but this read was rather crass.


Thank you for the book reviews. I downloaded one of your choices last night. I think we have similar tastes in reads. I absolutely loved Light Between Oceans, I thought about some of their decisions for days after reading it.
Thanks again!

Jill Matyastik

Thank you for the reviews. I also loved The Light Between Oceans. Looking forward to the Apple Tree Yard


Thanks a lot Nicole. lots and lots of great information. I loved the Light between the Oceans as well. Such a sad story but so well done.

Becky T

Yes, thank you, I do enjoy your book reviews.... So good to hear about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Too many only write a review if they like the book and by what they post would give a good review to the back of a cereal box.


Thanks for your review! I've put a few of the books you read on my list.

Helen storer

Thanks for tge reviews, have now a few books to add to my reading list. I did like tge Light Between The Ocean. I wonder if the movie is going to stick to the book?

Anne Simonot

Several of these are already on my list of books to read. The Light Between Oceans has just moved up that list a few spots. Sounds very intriguing. I also just had a couple of books pop into my head to recommend to you. Have you read anything by Alex Marwood? Like some of the authors in this batch of reviews, she's a British writer. Her first, The Wicked Girls, and her third novel, The Darkest Secret, were both among my most memorable reads of the past few years. Dark, twisty, & filled with characters who aren't always likable. But worth reading despite that.


I have really enjoyed reading your book review posts the past few days. Thank you for the time and thought you put into writing them. I checked our library for the titles that interest me but they are all out right now! I guess I will be putting them on hold and waiting patiently (or not) for them to come available!

Tracey Holzer

Well, Nicole, I just blew $94 on books this morning on Amazon!!! LOL You're not allowed to post any more reviews for 6 months. ;-) Take care!


I love your book reviews and pass them on to my sisters. We are all always looking for good reads.

Cathy S.

More added to the list. I also loved The Light Between Oceans! Read it last year..

Karen Tunnicliffe

Thank you so much. I selected Our Souls At Night (after reading your book reviews last year) for my book club when it was my turn. A wonderful discussion followed and many of us found a new author we liked. Thanks again for all these new titles to check out. Karen

Carol C

Good recommendations. Although I have a huge book supply, I've been using the library a lot since I retired and read at least 4 books a week to keep up. I use the hold feature to good advantage and get my favourite writers' books as soon as they are received. Must quilt more and read less.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Thanks for the book reviews.. I read Light Between Oceans a while back and loved it. I'm putting What She Knew on my TBR list. Sounds intriguing.


Thanks for the book reviews, and I agree with your pick for best of the year. I absolutely loved A Light Between Oceans and the movie was excellent as well.

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