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October 17, 2016



I always see your post and glad you found something to help you thru a very difficult time. I lost my sister many years ago and a day doesn't go by that I don't think of her. Happy that you found something and that you continue to quilt. Hugs and prayers.

Helen storer

I love my diary from kiki as a nurse I have always used a diary to track my shifts now I use it along with post it motes for my job as a manager of a medical centre and of course for quilting. Both fabric lists and doodles of quilts I may oneday make. I use a scrapbook to record my quilt finishes samples of fabrics used, a photo, pattern name etc. Sometimes takes me months from start to finnish but sometime things dont go to plan. The passing of loved ones is always difficult and what ever helps us lessen the pain be it sewing sharing doodling or planning


I love planners but I've never gotten into the decorating with stickers and coloring with pens and such. I think I would enjoy it very much though.

The black and white pages are a great idea for someone who IS decorating their pages. Then only the art stands out and won't clash with pre-colored pages.

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