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October 24, 2016



I love your quilt! Please post your wedding photo!!!!


DItto on the picture post!! LOVE The quilt! Just an awesome combo.



Such a pretty project♥

Tracey Holzer

Your Bounce turned out beautifully, Nicole. Enjoy your book today!


That border would be flattering on other quilts, as well! I need to remember to use it! If you're so inclined, please do share the photo from the wedding!


I would love to see the photo too. Halloween Bounce is looking good!!


I love your Halloween Bounce and yes the border is amazing!!!
Great that you had a fun time at the wedding pleaseshare a picture.
And now enjoy your book and share if you like it ... I didn't read a good book in a while (reread my favorites) because the last book I've picked up in the library was so just not good I put aside after a few page ('All is not forgotten' by Wendy Walker) I was totally disappointed.


that quilt is gorgeous! that border is fun!

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