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October 21, 2016



I missed your last post and wanted to add my two cents worth...I have loved your blog for years! I first began when your header was a blue and white quilt (I think) and was drawn in by the picture and then began reading and loving the blog. I have followed you through two moves, weddings, etc. Thanks for the hours of pleasure.


"He has a history with my special shoes." Nicole!!!! You're killing me!! Show the orange sandals…please!!!!! I 😍 that boy!! 🐶 OK, it wasn't funny when it happened, but it made a good story…
Enjoy your weekend & have a nice time at the wedding!


Have a great time Nicole. it is good to go "fancy" once in a while. it sounds like you are ready to party!


Patty Fowl

You made the choice I would have made.. going with the dress pants, fancy blouse and shoes. Over the years, it seems that every time I have bought an outfit for a special event, I wore it for that event and then never again. I always figured I didn't really like it all that much to begin with but felt I needed something new or different. After awhile, I ended up with many "special" outfits in my closet that I didn't wear again! Enjoy the wedding and your weekend!!


I already love what I see of your Bounce quilt perhaps you find a little time to sew this weekend (I hpe I will because my list is growing).
Enjoy the weekend and the wedding!


love those shoes! have fun!

Miss Jean

When I saw your pictures of shoes and before I read the rest of the post all I could think of was, "Ozzie + shoes - this can't end well!!"


Remember those dog/shoe stories well......
Just don't do heels at all here.....
Have fun at the wedding.....

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I remember some of Ozzie's shoe crimes.


Ozzie might be pouting, but he looks pretty comfy on that sofa! Looking forward to seeing you Halloween Bounce quilt when it's finished. Have a great time at the wedding.

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