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October 21, 2016


pam hansen

Yikes! Naughty boy loves pretty shoes.


he might be very naughty but dang he is cute!



Oh, I bet you can't stay mad at that face for very long!

Tracey Holzer

Well his looks are deceiving!! The second pic is especially funny. Our 9 year old beautiful and active yellow lab was diagnosed with osteosarcoma three days ago. No treatment for her, so very sad days here at our farm. The no good part of loving our pets.
Have a great weekend, Nicole.


Haha, mug shot! He's getting older, but no wiser?


But he's so cute!


But he is so cute!!


The orange shoe caper lives on! But, who can resist that Ozzie face?? Once a scamp, always a scamp! Thanks for bringing the photos out again. Enjoy the wedding & the weekend!

Amy L

Why do we love the bad boys so much? I remember the orange sandal debacle. He's still as charming as ever.


he must otherwise be a real sweetie for you to put up with this. He is as cute as those shoes were!

Patty Fowl

But our pets are worth every penny, aren't they? I know mine are!!


But he's so cute!


lol. i remember that incident.

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