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October 03, 2016



I love your scrappy red and green blocks! I've downloaded all patterns so far but didn't make them yet.

pam hansen

Beautiful Nicole. I must admit to chickening out when I saw some of the blocks had so many pieces.


Your blocks are coming along quite nicely and love the fact of two different colors. Bet you are glad to have your machine back to sew these them!


I am having fun figuring these out, but some have been quite challenging. I have to admit to cutting some big and then trimming down. She is so accurate with her measurements down to the 16th of an inch on one and that almost got the better of me. I am doing mine in reds and a gold fabric and love the look of it. The mosaic rose in your 8th block looks a lot like a it!


I like yours as red and green. I have 4 blocks made but not necessarily in the order that Lisa has numbered. They are challenging!


they are so lovely!!


I like your variety of background fabrics. They're subtle but add interest! This will be a beautiful quilt for Christmastime!


I am doing mine scrappy with Primitive Gatherings fabrics (different main colors and different backgrounds). I've found by making my seam allowances a tiny bit smaller than usual,my blocks are turning out perfect - even the ones with the tiny, tiny pieces. I think this is a really fun project. Maybe I will make two of each also! (so far I've only done one...)

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