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November 29, 2016



Your decorations look great! I've been doing mine a little bit each day after work. I should be done today! Did you just love the Gilmore Girls? I want to watch it all over again!


Just love your decorations, they get better each year.

Tracey Holzer

Beautiful, Nicole.

Sherry V.

Great decorations. . . . but then they always are.

I started watching Good Behavior but I just could not get into it. Now, I do have to admit that I watched it to see how "Lady Mary" from Downton Abbey transformed, and that could be part of the issue.

But then again, it seems that new shows come up at times when I have too many other things going on & then I have to play "catch up" since I start getting into the shows in the 2nd or 3rd seasons.

Have a happy day.


As always, your Christmas decorations are beautiful! I'm sure it was even more fun having a little Eva Elf to help! I do see a fuzzy family member in the library photo--give some extra ear scritches to Ozzie from me! We live two hours from a big city & I can vouch for online Christmas shopping!


The house looks beautiful Nicole. I am still thinking about what to pull out to decorate. Ordering online like crazy. Anything to stay away from the stores. I will have to venture out one of these days beyond the grocery store!



looks so lovely! yes, 2 trees are needed....


I love the decorations in your house.
It's always amazing and insane how many people went out shopping as soon as december is right around the corner.


My daughter and I have been putting the decorations up. She loves everything to do with Christmas. We've changed a few things up this year, so it's been fun to watch her decorating mind pull it all together.

Helen storer

Have made a start here on decorating, just need to get the tree out of storage, hopefully this weekend. Love your decorations and quilts!

pam hansen

Adore your mercury glass trees on the quilted table topper. I have made only one such item and really need to make more.
Totally agree about so many good television programs. I am clueless as to Good Behavior and will check it out.

Beth F

Your home is lovely! We have had a rule for our family that I grew up with, no buying yourself anything after Thanksgiving. I'm sure my parents invented this to prevent us children from buying only things we wanted but it has been a good rule to have. I broke it today when I ordered the tea calendar from David's tea that you recommended. And a teapot. And a matching cup. And a gift for my ladies group that has to be something usable so I guess there is some redemptive value to my breaking the rule! Happy Holidays!


Love all your decorating! My husband is the exact opposite of yours, he does everything to try to get out of putting stuff up. Nice to see all your collections out too, I'm going to have to get some of those nice lights.

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