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November 22, 2016



I have made quilts for my son, my husband, and grandsons. All of them like the large ones to use to wrap in while watching t.v, or using on the bed. I would give him the same as everyone else. The men in my life do not decorate. But I would also tell him to use it however he chooses including gifting it to someone. What a lot of work for you in all these gifts, and so generous.

Diane Linford

I'd give him the big one. My husband loves our quilts, as do my son and sons-in-law.


My thought would be give him the big one. I think he would be very pleased.



I too would go with the big one. He may like to have one that is all his own. The others may remind him so much of your sister that he may want to preserve them, or he may find them hard to use because of the memories of shared times. What thoughtful gifts these are, you are truly a blessing to your family!


Big one. No need to interrupt your original plan.

Becky T

Full Size...he is a guy and a table topper is going to wind up on a shelf and probably never see the light of day.

Tracey Holzer

I'm gonna go against the grain of the other comments and say that your heart probably knows best in this situation, Nicole. It's a hard one, for sure. Have a good week.


I have to agree with the other ladies & say give him the full-sized quilt of his own. As with your sister, I gave a dear friend a quilt shortly before she passed away. To this day her husband wraps up in it to watch tv early in the morning. Your brother-in-law will appreciate one he can use--in a 'manly' print, of course!


I would give him a big one so he doesn't feel slighted. I would also tell him, you would be happy to sew a sleeve on the back if he'd prefer to hang it rather than put it on a bed. Don't make this offer in front of the rest of your family or you could end with lots of sewing for January.


From your post I think you've already made the full size? Then give him this quilt because you already made it thinking of him. But if I've misread and you still need to make a quilt for him then you need to factor time (your's and your quilter's time) in. Perhaps a smaller quilt would be better then.

Sue Babich

I would give him the big one. I agree men do not decorate with small quilts


The men in my life who have gotten a quilt have loved them so my vote is for the big sized one. I also think he will wonder what to do with a table topper.


my husband loves having one for watching t.v. i've made him a winter one and a summer one. they are lap size. i'm making him a new winter one for xmas this year.

personally, i love having small ones to use as table toppers. i guess i am no help. ;p


My opinion is based on the men in my family. They prefer something
Bought. My friend learned this the hard way too when she overheard
A family member grumbling about her using her gift money to
Support her hobbies. So now I make quilts for myself or if
Someone requests a quilt. We were on the receiving end of this
Delimma when a dear sister in law made my sons Cabbage Patch
Dolls for Christmas when they were into Star Wars!


I vote for the big one also. A couple of years ago I made 17 in one year to give to family, the men loved them as much as the women. I do not see my husband using a table topper. He will love and appreciate it.


I think whichever one you give him will be from the heart so that will make it the right one. As an adult I bet he measures not in terms of size but love. Which you'll be giving him plenty of, judging by the thought you're putting into this. Take care.


Have you ever thought of a memory quilt--using some of your sister's clothes? I made one for my brother when he lost his wife and, even though the pieces he gave me to work with weren't what I would have chosen, they were special to him because he loved remembering wearing them. And some were pieces he had picked out & given as gifts. He loves having this quilt and the memories it holds.


I vote for full size. I've found that men don't like "little doo dads" on their tables or chairs.


Also, I think Alyce's idea is stupendous. I don't know if you'd have time to make this for Christmas, however.

Susie Q

Since every one else is getting a full size quilt... I would have the full size quilt ready. You could ask him which he would prefer? the living room do dats or the full size quilt... you never know and he is still new to grieving.

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