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November 15, 2016



Isn't that moon awesome. It is something we all can share. Even thou it is cloudy here, the moon still glows through the clouds.
Cute outfits.


Glad you were able to visit your dad. My 92 year old mother will miss Thanksgiving and Christmas family celebrations this year. She fell Sunday and fractured her pelvis, will be transferred to rehab today or tomorrow. Love your blocks!! These tiny pieces are a challenge!!


Pretty leggings ♥


Nice retail therapy time. I switched docs when I moved to the Creek. I think in general they are all so overwhelmed with patients. Not a glamorous job by any means these days. Have a good week!



I love the outfits you've bought for Eva and good that you could combined your appointments with a shopping trip.
Glad to hear that your dad is alright and that you can spend time with him.


lol...your dermatologist is 19? must be the same med school my GI doc went to bc he looks about 20. ;p

glad to hear your dad will be home with his family for the holidays.

Carol C

We're in Victoria BC and none of the family doctors are taking new patients. My husband recently had heart surgery and his doctor looked about 12 - a tall twelve and very personable, but young nonetheless.
Lovely moon.


You certainly accomplished a lot on that overnight trip! I'm glad to hear your dad is doing much better & I'm sure he was happy to have you visit! Those little legging outfits are adorable!


That moon was amazing! I should've taken a picture too. Love the cute outfits, I wish they were in my size too! Glad to hear your dad is doing better and ready to celebrate.


Korean teenager, lol! Since I work in the medical field, I do see patients who want to live near their docs--we get a lot of business from a retirement community next door to our practice! Glad your dad is doing okay. Our oldest patient recently passed away, he was 102. Incredible what he saw happen in the last century.

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