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November 02, 2016



I really like the subdued colors in the quilt.You really tackle some pretty complicated projects. I also should have written before when all the others did to tell you that I enjoy your blog, and it is one of the few that I faithfully read.
I just bought a new book of Heather Peterson's called Starburst. It uses chevrons and it looks like something you might enjoy trying too. Check for it under Trends and Traditions.


One of my favs!!!!'ve got oodles of binding....enjoy!!!


Nice photos! The quilt is pretty ♥


Beautiful quilt, Nicole. There are a lot of pieces in this one.

Your family is so lucky to receive such special gifts.


Love the quilt. IT sounds like you had a really nice HAlloween. It is such a blessing to have a little one around to make sure you enjoy the holidays.


Stephani in N. TX

Beautiful blocks, beautiful quilting; a handsome quilt to give and to receive. Keep up with the binding. That's a sore point for me, got so many quilted and binding is waiting, waiting. Eva is growing up pretty quickly, pretty as can be.


I like the way your quilter duplicated the border design in the quilting! I've been having many of my recent quilts done with 'modern' straight-line quilting. Eva looks quite content creating her 'pumpkin' on the box! That's a fun way to spend the day on Halloween! 🎃


I love the quilt you've made and one of your nephews will be super lucky!

Sue Babich

I remember when you made this quilt :-D
The quilting is just perfect for this quilt, what a wonderful xmas gift


Beautiful, for any recipient! I always wondered with a quilt design like that, do you get it back with a ton of threads to bury, or does your quilter do that for you, or does she creatively backstitch over other lines so that there are no stops/starts?


Sure like this quilt and quilting design! But I like everything you do.....


She is so creative... and just so sweet!


That's really nice - your family is one lucky bunch!

Nancy M Stevens

Your Mocha Trails is great, Nicole. I started one around the same time that you did and when it was finished, donated it to my church as a raffle quilt. It's here:


Gorgeous quilt; I can't wait to see the rest! Also enjoyed the book reviews as I seem to be in a mediocre book cycle lately so maybe I'll try some of your suggestions.

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