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November 10, 2016



That really sucks big time. On top of all the other news we are digesting. AND it is so expensive now. I noticed when we went in May it just didn't have the old feeling I used to get but I shrugged it off that it was just me. THe girls were happy and that's all that matters right. SOrry about your experience.



I had friends that just got back from out west to four different National Parks and they said the crowds were unbelievable! Kids in school, no holidays, but huge crowds! They did say that 95% of the people were foreigners which is great for the economy. The park ranger said if they want to visit and have no crowds to come back when it is 10 degrees! How many days until the next election day? I figure about 1456. I am rooting for Cory Booker in 2020.

pam hansen

Wow, your Disney experience is totally unfortunate. Who wants to stand in a line in 90 degree heat? No thanks.
We have had 80 degrees this week making for a warm November but at least the high only lasts a few hours.


I understand your disappointment & dismay! The crowds in Yellowstone this season were so thick we only went in three times. Mind you, we live 50 miles from the entrance & normally go every few weeks from May to October. And, the tourists who think the wild animals are petting-zoo-tame are out of control!! On a cheerier note, the girls in the teacup photo look so much alike the older Eva gets!


I am so sad to hear that Disneyland wasn't fun. We are headed there first weekend of December and will be like your husband dumping a bunch of money. When were last there the Matterhorn wasn't operating and space mountain was closed more than it was open. We don't go that often so it is pretty disappointing if the rides we look forward to are closed.

On the political front, I'm just devastated, I can't watch the news. I hope that man doesn't get our country into another war.


Yeah, we haven't been back to the magic kingdom since our car was broken into while we were in the park and security said, "yeah, that happen more often than you think." Sadly, we hadn't been able to check in to our hotel yet, so all of our luggage for the week was taken...and most likely dumped in a dumpster somewhere. :(

As far as the election, I am just devastated. I hope he doesn't do too much damage in four years.


So sad to hear that you didn't have a great time in Disneyland.
But there're not only a lot of people in Disneyland also here in Munich are so many I don't know where they are all coming from.
And don't get me started on your election I just can't believe the result. I know for sure that for the next years I won't spend my holidays in the USA and all I can hope is that there's not another war or at least that Germany will be smart enough to not engage in it but let the Americans clean up their own mess. Sometimes you just see that democracy might not be the best idea (and it pains me to say that).


yeah, it's been years since we've been there. ticket to get in is now $100? that's not affordable for families. :( i use to love the place.

i don't know of any time of year when it is dead. they have so many international visitors and locals it just keeps the place packed. hope Eva had fun even if the adults were exhausted by it all.


Oh dear! We are going to Disneyworld in April with our two adult children, their spouses, our grandkids, my dil's parents and her brother his family. It will be a bloodbath I'm sure!


I'm feeling your pain..........bring on the next 4 years........


We went to Yellowstone in May with the hopes we would beat the out of school rush, but it was packed already....makes vacations not so enjoyable.


I grew up in the OC and Walt and I share the same birthday (different year) I always loved d'land but it just isn't the same. There is a lot of work going on in the park and that is probably part of the problem. Also, there were terror threats this week around the election. I just can't justify the cost for the fun. I hate lines. Next time bail out and go to nearby M &L fabric (at Knott and Ball) and then over to KNott's farm. Knott's has changed too though.


I'm sorry that your vacation didn't turn out very well. I think generally Disney vacations are not like they used to be.
I am very excited about the turn our country has made. I'm happy to feel that we will be safer, jobs will come back to the US and our constitutional rights will be protected. God bless the USA.
Now back to our quilting projects!!

Marylou Hansen

So sorry to hear about your Disneyland experience. I have heard the same story from several friends. At some point Disney is going to have to put limits on the number of people in the park. Nevertheless I bet Eva had fun.


Sorry you had such a bad experience at Disneyland, my daughter experienced the same thing last month. She said it was her worst also and she's a season pass holder. She's thinking of going back end of this month but now I'm not sure. I'm also still reeling from the results so maybe the distraction will help.

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