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December 15, 2016



Yes, she completely overstepped. If she was concerned about herself, the proper thing to do was to speak to your boss who, if he/she felt was warranted, could in turn speak to you. The boss may have recommended that if she was concerned SHE could stay home.


Yes, you should have ignored her and gone to work, then discussed it with your supervisor. Only you can determine if you are healthy enough to be there and you should not have lost a day of work because of this woman. She should be reprimanded for her behavior. I love this quilt and I'm glad someone special is getting it!!!


I believe she overstepped, I believe she has a lot of nerve, and I believe she should mind her own business.

Mary Kastner

LOve love love the quilt!!! Way out of line IMHO. YOu certainly could have gone to work!


Peggy B

Why in the world did you let that woman dictate to you???? If you were questioning her "wisdom" you should have called your boss and gotten her opinion! Personally, knowing I was ok to work would have gone in and gone right up to her and given her a big hug for being so concerned about me!! LOL I agtree with Melanie, the rude co-worker should have stayed hoe

Helen storer

Some people are rude, makes things a bit awkward in the workplace. Cant image a man carrying on like that. Love th e blue quilt Yes woukd look great in French General Fabrics, another to add to my list!

Nancy Watkins

I would have gone to work just to irritate her if I was okay. I swear there is one everywhere we work! This quilt is so fantastic and it helps that it is in one of my favorite color combinations. I am going to look for this pattern now that you explained how simple it is. Simply adore it!

Loris Mills

Your quilt is beautiful! Lovely work!
Your work situation is odd. I kind of have mixed feelings in response. I am someone who seems to overreact to the cold goes on for days. I don't really think I'm more ill...just more symptomatic. So I stay in and avoid people as I know I'm shedding virus and will share the germ.
It would really bother me when my co-workers came to work sick (to care for patients in the hospital!) with "just a little cold" because they were still shedding virus and it would spread around till it got to me and knock me out of the game for 7-10 days. You, however, say you weren't symptomatic anymore and may well have been fine to go to work. It sounds like you have someone challenging to work with. You will probably be better prepared the next time she tries to tell you what to do. People that come on too strong are always a challenge. I'm sure you will figure it out but it can be irritating to deal with. On a brighter note...I'm glad you recovered quickly :-)


Love all your gift quilts!! Lucky family! As far as the work situation I have to agree with everyone else. She was in no position to tell you to miss a days work. I also would have either gone in and talked to boss or just called and explained. Keep up all your lovely quilting and blogging. :)


The quilt is gorgeous & it's so nice the special person receiving it will love & use it. That's why you make quilts, right?
I agree that the co-worker way overstepped her bounds. I wonder, too, whether your boss/supervisor was aware of her phone call? At the first opportunity I would clear the air & find out exactly how the call was handled…was it self-directed or was it assigned? If a supervisor assigned it to your co-worker I'm not comfortable with that, either! Weird situation but I'm glad to hear you're feeling better!


First I love your quilt! It sure looks complicated but after you poited out that it's just two blocks (and I have the pattern in my library:-) I think I'll give it a try next year.
Your co-worker clearly and absolutly overstepped her lines. I'm not someone who easily complains but if I were you I would describe this situation to your boss because your co-worker sounds like someone who likes to cause trouble to other people.
Take care of yourself:-)


um, holy cow! i would let the person who runs the office know. that's just me. she must be charming to work with. hope you didn't give HER a zippy bag. ;p


You need to let your boss know...your coworker sounds like she wants to run the show.
Love this quilt! I just love quilts that look hard but are really simple to make!

Penny Holliday

I too love your quilt! But...... I think it was none of your co-workers business to phone you & tell you to stay home from work. That's really up to your boss. Perhaps this incident should be discussed w/ your boss or is there an office policy or assumption re: health issues of workers already in place?

Patty Fowl

I love your quilt and the pattern and it is indeed, very deceiving in terms of its complexity.

A phone call from a co-worker you barely know is calling you and strongly suggesting you stay away from the workplace to prevent the risk of infecting everyone else!!???? What??? Did she have an ulterior motive or is she so concerned for your well being and the rest of your co-workers? You will have to fill us in on the aftermath of the phone call when you return to the workplace.

At any rate, have enjoyed your quilt gift lineup and I am sure you are happy to see them go to wonderful recipients as well as being proud of your productivity. And I am happy you are feeling better!

Lin McQ

I love the quilt. It's fabulous.
I understand how upsetting that phone call was from your coworker. That being said, you just never know what is going on with her. I worked with a woman who was snarky just like that, especially about other people going into work who were sick. Few people knew that she received infusions once a month for RA and that compromised her immune system. A simple cold to the average person was very dangerous for her. She wasn't one to look for sympathy from anyone which I'm sure was her reason for not sharing her condition with everyone. But she sure got mad when someone would come to work sick. Maybe your coworker is dealing with a similar situation herself or a family member.

Laura Valdez

I probably would have asked her Who died and left you boss? and gone to work just in spite! But at my age, I can do what I think is best for me! I absolutely love the quilt! Colors and all, very manly!


Love all the quilts you're gifting! what lucky recipients! As for your coworker I would definitely let the boss know she called you and what she said. Who knows if maybe your boss asked her to call and it could just be a weird place to work. If your boss didn't have her call then she really has no business having your phone number and calling you. Hope you get it sorted, but she was definitely out of line in what she said. Happy Holidays!

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