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December 01, 2016



All your quilts are lovely but I especially love the one on the bed! I have gastroparesis and interstitial cystitis and the diets for each are very restrictive. Nothing acidic (goodbye tomatoes and citrus fruit!) nothing with a skin (like corn, peas, grapes etc.) nothing difficult to digest (most meats!) and no roughage (that's whole grains and most vegetables!) I'd kill for a salad! That leaves me with most things white...white bread, potatoes,rice etc. I eat a lot of cereal when I'm on my own! I also eat eggs a lot! Can't do fast food, although every now and then I do have a cheeseburger from McDonalds. I eat a lot of baked chicken...I love to do it with Lawry's seasoned salt...simple and delicious. My other favorite is to make the Hellmann's mayo recipe where you mix mayo with Parmesan cheese, (I use Romano, I like it better), coat the chicken in that, then in bread crumbs and bake. So tender and good to slice down for sandwiches. I make a lot of risotto too, I do it in the rice cooker to make it easy. Add a veggie to that, my go to is cooked carrots, and you've got a meal!

Becky T

Tuesday I boughta a couple of bananas, oranges, apples and a bag of mini carrots. Just for snacks


I too love the quilt on the bed - can you share what the pattern is?
I've also been eating really crappy lately. I chalk it up to being busy and not taking the time to meal plan, grocery shop and cook. I love to cook - but taking the time to do it is something I've neglected. I need to get some good food in the house!


What an accomplishment Nicole on on those quilts! congratulations! A job well done. I am very careful about what I eat these days. I make a big batch of steel cut oatmeal for breakfast adding,chia seeds, raisins and ground flax seeds. Then I put it in a container and when it is cold I cut it in 8 pieces, A weeks worth of breakfast! Just pop it in the microwave with milk. I eat yogurt everyday. Trying to get my protein intake up so I add some protein powder. I don't eat meat just poultry and fish. Eat salmon at least once a week. Try to eat a lot of veggies and fruits everyday. Yesterday I made a big pot of Tuscan bean soup. It was good and we have leftovers. It is hard to cook for yourself I am sure. Too much food and boring by yourself. Mary


Well, look at you! You've accomplished so much binding very quickly & with weeks to spare! Those quilts will be a special gift for family, that's for sure!
I feel your pain about the processed 'meals.' I moved across the country to oversee house construction a year before my husband retired & fell into the tv dinner habit. By the time he was here permanently, I didn't care if I ever saw another tray of frozen food from a box! Could you make extra when you cook on the days your husband is home so that you have healthy meals for solo dinners?


That's a wonderful stack of quilts you have there. The recipients will be very fortunate indeed! As to diet, it is hard when you are alone to want to fix yourself something for one. Perhaps you could fix yourself a little frozen dinner from leftovers from the weekend cooking. Fast food gets old real fast!!!!!!! Maybe that's why it's called fast food, haha.


Your quilts are beautiful! As for the diet, I have moved to a diet as natural and organic as possible. I shop at the farmers market once a week and stock up. Lots of roasted veggies with a protein. I have stocked up on a variety of oils and vinegars from Marisolio in Murphys that I use to change the flavoring (I have a vacation home in Avery). I feel much healthier and have lost 20 lbs as a result!


15 quilts! Wow! And they look so great stacked on that beautiful bed. Looking forward to the photos of each one. I'm with you; fast food is for the birds. And would probly make them sick, too. I rely on planned-overs. Cooking extra today for great meals tomorrow.

Miss Jean

Cooking for one is the pits and I don't like cooking on a good day. I eat a lot of Lean Cuisines. Sad, I know. You would think I would lose weight.


Wow, you were so busy can't believe you already finished most of the binding!
I'm eating fish once a week there's a great shop in the city where you can buy almost all kinds and the prices are good.
And I love potato gratin, just peel and slice potatos, add salt, pepper and muskat, cream and grated cheese and put it in the oven.

Colleen Gander

You are going to feel so good to get all those quilts completed and out of the closet. Nothing better than having them out to be admired, loved and hugging your family. When my husband is travelling and I am alone, I indulge in ready made salads from the grocery. I get tired of thinking a long ingredients list and preparing the vegetables so it's a treat for me. Grilled fish or chicken, in multiples, means I only cook once for the week.

Joan S

Your family will be so excited to receive your quilts!
I take my lunch to work and eat a lot of yogurt and peanut butter sandwiches and apples. I get into trouble when I'm at home and want to eat everything in my kitchen. Can't keep it in the house if it's something I shouldn't be eating!


Since I'm on my own for most weekday lunches, I make a pot of soup in the winter months. I eat it all week long.


ok miss nicole, i only cook 3 nights a week. i have been eating a lot of homemade soup. this week i made vegetarian lasagna to alternate with the soup. Roasted garlic soup, cream of broccoli soup, leek and potato soup have been in the rotation.

My best cookbooks are from America's Test Kitchen. They are parent company of Cook's Illustrated. The soup and stew book doesn't have a bad recipe in it. The vegetarian cookbook is awesome BUT some recipes do take time in that cookbook. if you want to try some of the recipes, let me know and i'll email some to you. you might want to ask for a cookbook for xmas....just sayin' ;p


What a great accomplishment to have all those quilts ready to give! I can only dream of that goal... well, maybe I could pull it off if I start now for next decade!! My diet has made huge leaps and bounds.. from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to fresh fruit and vegetables galore. Last year I read a book called The Medical Medium by Anthony William. My life is changed forever... in a good way.
Always good to read your blog!


I am excited to see these quilts. Giving them as gifts to family is such a great idea! On another note, I too am tired of eating out. You know you eat out too much when it ceases to be fun or you realize that you don't look forward to it anymore. I have decided that I need some inspiration to cook at home more so I will be looking for fun new things to try and that I think will be appealing as leftovers as well. We'll see how that goes. Good luck to you too!

Susie Q

Chips.... and that includes taco shells are not good clean food.

Sweet potatoes baked - do three and eat the others "cold or room temp" with vinegar. Bison patty and salad. It is the REAL whole grain item that is so hard to find and have on hand. In the end it is all worth it.

Cannot imagine 14 quilts as gifts all at once. You are amazing.

Lorraine Bujnowski

Wow! I am so impressed! What a lovely stack of quilts for gifts. I wish I was one of the recipients.

Tracey Holzer

Nicole, What is the name and designer of the bottom quilt of the stack? The scrappy nine patch?? Thanks.

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