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December 22, 2016



Love the double checkerboard border!


So right, can't do it all. Going back to full-time work has really cut into my Christmas preparation time but that's ok, we'll enjoy it just the same. Lovely quilt, by the way. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Nicole!

Stephani in N. TX

Enjoyed seeing all your Christmas gift quilts. Kind of like your yearly finishes, so great to see so many beautiful quilts of all varieties. Thanks for the show. Hope your have a very Merry Christmas.

Patty Fowl

I LOVE this quilt! I love that it is simple yet stunning.

BTW your Fig Tree quilt from yesterday's post sent me on a mission to find the name of the quilt since I have a rather large stash of Patisserie. After some investigative work, I found , from your posts, it is a Heather Mulder Petersen pattern called Around the Block from her book called On a Roll Again. And I loved going back and reading so many of your posts!

Have a wonderful Holiday!


Okay, they've all been beautiful, but this one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing the info! All I have left to do is write checks for my kids to go with their gifts and bake some cookies...chocolate chip for my husband and pizzelles for my father. I'll do those tomorrow after work. Prep wasn't too bad this year, maybe because my daughter and her new husband are doing Christmas Eve and my son and his wife are doing Christmas? It makes it much easier on me! I wish you a very happy Christmas and all the best in the new year!

Mary Kastner

YEs, this is a winner. Simple and stunning. I really like it a lot! I am plugging along. I keep thinking of "something else" I could do.


pam hansen

Three Sisters has so many lovely collections.
Peace on Earth looks absolutely lovely in this quilt. I never would have thought a layer cake would be sufficient to make such a nice quilt top.
Hope you and your family have a fine Christmas.


Beautiful quilt! I never have guessed that a LC is enought to make it.
No, not done here either. I need to amke and do a few more things but there's always a bit of rush before christmas isn't there? And at the end it always works out;-)


this one is my favorite! it's the layout i love so much! i'm mostly done except for a small amount of wrapping and cleaning. i'm spending today getting those 2 things done and then i'm putting my feet up and sewing while watching xmas movies.

i've been going to the gym most days and that has really helped me not to feel so stressed. i'm too tired to be stressed. ;p

Tracey Holzer

Another beauty, Nicole!!
Have you ever made Christmas Crack??? Saltine crackers, toffee and chocolate. Super easy and fast and incredibly good. Its a good one if you're short on time.
Take care.


Happy holidays! I'm in awe at of the beautiful quilts that you will be gifting. I'm hoping to get my sewing mojo back in 2017. I did manage to bake 7 different batches of cookies. I have a cookie decorating party/ white elephant gift exchange for my daughter and her friends. The moms will enjoy adult beverages and snacks. I'm getting to being done......

Colleen Gander

Just had to go back and add my admiration for this quilt and tell you that it (you) have inspired me to use my newly purchased "Midnight Clear" layer cake. And just so it doesn't get boring, I've pulled out some other odds and sods of fat quarters from years ago. Often 3 Sisters collections repeat the tones so they will go together. Can't let them sit of=n the shelf as I'm pretty sure they don't get any better with age. Now I'm all fired up for a retreat in January. Hope you've had a lovely family holiday. Happy New Year.

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