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January 10, 2017



I wasn't planning on it, but now that I've seen your first block you have me thinking about it!

Nancy Watkins

I feel the same as Carolyn. Dang but little block is cute!

Mary Kastner

Thx for the pull from the middle tip. Never heard that one before. This looks like fun!


Miss Jean

I love using triangle paper!


I think I'm in, too. Printed out the patterns she emailed and going to find background fabric today. Hoping to use a combination of Little Gatherings and Little Gatherings II. I'm with you, Nicole...probably not doing the 2" blocks, although I love a good miniature quilt.


I am doing it also! I have a bundle of Lakeside Gatherings to use and I ordered some of the background that Lisa is using. I will most likely make 6" blocks.(I want this to be fun after all!!). Another tip that Lisa has is to starch your fabrics (per her directions). I am doing that for the Magic of Christmas blocks (finishing up these still...) and it makes them so much easier to sew. My last two came out perfect.


I recentely make a bunch of HSTs and unfortnualy I switched my brain off and cut them the wrong size:-( But Lisa's Sew-Along is now great to use at least some of them and make a cute little mini with 6" blocks.


i've used triangle paper in the past when making lots and lots of triangles. i didn't mind the paper bc i would take it off in the evening while watching t.v.

i looked at lisa's post. she starched her fabric. did you? i have mixed feelings about all this starching that is popular. what's your feeling about it?

also, have you watched The Crown on Netflix streaming? so wonderful!


Well I am in! I had 2 Snowman Gatherings Charm packs from several years ago that I have been saving for just the right project and time. :) The triangle papers are new to me so it will be fun to try something new.
Your blocks look great!! As always you are very inspiring and have the best photos and tips ! Thanks Nicole!!! Happy stitching. :)

vivian Dee gutierrez

I like what I'm seeing. OK, I'll add this to my list. Thanks.

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