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January 24, 2017


Kathy Czuprynski

I'm so happy that you have jumped in with your new Bernina! O have a 150 that I LOVE and a 640 that hasn't been out in over a year. Your encouragement from afar tells me to get the 640 out and play! Happy Sewing!

Barbara Anne

Love your cheery speed-pieced Valentine table topper! Well done on boldly using your new Bwenina so successfully, too!!

Happy Anniversary! I've enjoyed your blog for nearly the whole decade! Here's to the next 2000 posts!


Lace Faerie

Congratulations on your big anniversary! 2,000 posts, that's amazing!
Darling tabletopper!

Jan Altomare

Congratulations on your 2,000 and on getting your Bernina moving.

Mary Kastner

COngratulations! That is really impressive. YOu are my favorite blog hands down Nicole. I thank you! GLad to hear you took the plunge and the quilt is adorable.



Love the table topper, so cute! Glad you got your machine up and running and that it's working like a charm. Isn't it nice that the right tools make our hobbies such a pleasure?


I'm guessing you know more about sewing and operating a machine than that woman at the store anyway! Good job in diving in and 'just doing it'. And congratulations on your 2000 posts. That's impressive too!

Becky T

Glad your feeling better.... It sometimes helps if others agree that you really have been abused and its not your imagination and I want to know ( cause that's the way I am) are you going to complain to anyone besides us?

Debbie R.

Congratulations on your 2000th post! And thank you so much for taking the time to share!

Hurray for you, for jumping in and starting to sew on your amazing new machine. May every stitch be a joy!

Nancy Watkins

Happy you like your machine and even happier you have stuck with your blog as so many haven't and I love reading them! Love your new table topper too!

Loris Mills

Smart choice to jump in and enjoy your new machine. It's wonderful that videos are available to teach us so much!

Amy L

Congrats on the start of a lovely relationship with your new machine! And thanks for the 2000 posts for us!


Happy Anniversary! I have followed you for several years and have enjoyed every post. Thank you for sharing your sewing victories and a few fails with us! (We've all had those). Congratulations on your new machine! I'm sure in no time you will have it figured out!


Congratulations on turning lemons into lemonade! And Congratulations on your anniversary. He seems like a real keeper.


Congratulations on 2000 blog posts! I read your's first each day & have gotten so many good tips from your experiences! Thanks for that! And, good for you jumping in to make the Valentine topper on the new they say, 'when the going gets tough; the tough get going!'

Susie Q

I am glad you have jumped and started using your new machine.

BUT BUT Bernina needs to know about your class or lack of class at that shop. Those education classes are a big part of why people buy Berninas and if this shop is not delivering the company needs to know.


So glad you did not let this sewing machine intimidate you!! Great that you jumped in!

I have been reading you blog for a year and enjoy it so much. Happy Anniversaries!!


Happy Anniversary to you and your blog!
I'm so glad you had a better day and after all a good start with your new sewing machine. The ini is just great and perfect for Valentine:-)

pam hansen

2,000 is a marvelous number. Thank you ever so much for the time you have invested in your warm and honest journal.
I think your husband is right up there on the short list to become Mr. Marvelous.

Sue Babich

Congratulations on your 2,000 Post !!!!

Such a Cute Valentines Day quilt ! Love It !

Glad you are enjoying your new sewing machine :-D


really lovely!


2000 posts and 10 years! Wow! I appreciate your commitment to blogging. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and to watch the sweet little granddaughter grow up. And your quilts! So beautiful. I'm glad your sewing machine is working well for you.

Laura Valdez

Love the table topper! Glad all is well using that new machine. I felt the same way when I had to start using my Horizon 7700. The monster intimidates me! But I'm getting used to it.

Beth F

Happy 2000! I am always inspired by your blog. Thank you for taking and making the time to be so good! I really like it that you post wonderful, new and interesting things but also you tell it like it is when things are upsetting or problematic. I find myself agreeing with you most times! I was very mad at your co-worker telling you to stay home, btw. Congratulations on your new machine and your own abilities to learn how to use it.


Congrats on 2000 posts and your new machine! I love reading what your up to and looking forward to the next 2000!

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