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January 30, 2017



So effective! Love it.


What a great pattern for using up binding scraps.

Barbara Anne

Great quilt! Think I'd call it Fan-fold. :)



I think including the template with the pattern is a smart idea! No searching stores or online to find it is very appealing. I hear you about becoming a homebody. I try to make a list of things to accomplish on a shopping trip so I don't have to run out in between.

Mary Kastner

So all my a and b's are cut and I have a 100 a blocks finished and ironed. Hopefully today I will finish the a blocks. I will tell you it took a lot of time to cut all the pieces. I have my a pieces in one grocery sack and my b pieces in another - clearly marked I might add. I really like the "charm" look of the quilt. I hope mine turns out looking like Carrie's!



Thanks for sharing this! I love that the template is already included in the pattern:-)


lovely! i really have to tackle my scrap bins. i have 3 stuffed with scraps. they haunt me. ;p yep, i've become a home-body, too. it just feels so peaceful to be home sewing.

pam hansen

I am interested in how this quilt progresses.
It looks like an immense amount of work but like your idea for using leftovers from various quilts.


I stumbled on this quilt pattern over the weekend, and then happened upon your blog post today. Thanks for the clear explanation and photo. I'm thinking you could probably make good use of jelly roll strips, too. Can you see a reason not to use them?


A great choice for efficiently using all those scraps. I like your idea of making it with theme fabrics.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love that pattern.

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