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January 09, 2017


Mary Kastner

Lots of weather in the Creek as well but quiet here this morning. I love your blocks and it sounds like they are coming together quite nicely. I felt good about my quilting accomplishments this past weekend as well. WE saw the same movie. Just so sad. Well done but man tough to watch. Have a great week Nicole.



Quilt retreat was quite productive--and, of course, tons of fun & way too many treats! Our weather actually warmed up into the 30's which is a great improvement over subzero & single digits for weeks! I saw Casey Affleck win a Golden Globe but that movie is way too serious/sad for me to watch!! Chick flicks are more to my liking anymore.


I love how your quilt starts to look.
I didn't see the movie yet it will be released in 2 weeks in Germany and perhaps I'll watch it with friends. After reading your review I'm kind of curious about it.
We have snow here a few inches and not even y cats are happy about it although they are part Norwegian Forest Cat but le's face it like me they are rather in side in the warmth;-)



pam hansen

Great start Nicole. Your Primitive Gatherings fabric is perfect for this pattern.
While we have not had as much rain here in Bakersfield I still have water standing in my flower beds. More is coming for us as well.

Patty Fowl

Wish some of your rain would make its way to Arizona... we can always use it!

Love the simplicity of your pattern and the contrast and depth of your fabric colors. It will be stunning!

Helen storer

I normally message you from Perth Australia but am visiting my Aunt in Santa Barbara. It has been rainy here too which is great for the garden. Love the new blocks.


I've been busy going back to work after the holidays and have not been reading my blogs as usual so I am late posting this comment. Your blocks and quilts are so beautiful, you are an inspiration. But what makes me comment is the book you're reading. I read it too one winter and I liked it but I kept thinking it was the wrong time of year to read about this horrible ordeal from Iceland! It made me both cold and depressed!


I had the same reaction as you to Manchester By The Sea. Great acting and the story was realistic given the circumstances but far from uplifting.

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