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February 28, 2017



Great that your blocks are all ready to piece can't wait to see how they look together.
Front row seats are amazing although I personally like ti more to have a seat in the back because you see more of the 'whole' picture but sadly not so much details.
I never watch the Oscars because of the time difference but of course the news were full with this incident. Eva is right 'everyone makes mistkaes'.

Barbara Anne

Well done in quickly getting your block units made! As ever, yu're a whiz!

Glad you, your sweetie, and Miss E had such an amazing time - and good seats - at Cirque!


Mary Kastner

You look very organized and ready to go. IT sounds like you had an awesome event! Such fun!



Isn't it such a great feeling to have all those units sewn & lined up ready to assemble? I think it's as much fun to watch the little ones experience something like Cirque du Soleil as it is the see the show yourself! My favorite part of the Oscar debacle was the LaLa Land guy grabbing the card from Jimmy Kimmel & Warren Beatty then telling Moonlight, "It's not a joke! Moonlight won Best Picture! See the card!?" I have to say the LaLa Land folks were most gracious handing over their statues to the actual winners.


lol....Eva is right. Cirque is such a fun experience. ;p


Glad you enjoyed the show, it's on my bucket list. I felt bad for the whole cast and Warren Beatty, I thought it was a joke. At least it was memorable!

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