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February 14, 2017


Helen storer

Dont you just love technology!

Tracey Holzer

She's a sweetie! Happy Valentines Day, Nicole!


Happy Valentine's Day to your sweet granddaughter! Today is my precious grandson's 2nd birthday, so Valentine's Day will always be extra special to my family. Have fun sewing your Penny Pincher!


What a sweet Valentine date with Eva! I say you should have a milkshake lunch next Monday, too! Bobbin cases are an inevitable challenge! Your handyman did a great job adjusting the table for the new Bernina!


Happy Valentine's Day Nicole! SHe is growing up so fast. Adorable. it sounds like your first "adventure" of trouble with the machine went very well. All the trouble that little thread made! I like the table adjustment and so will you!


pam hansen

So nice to have a great handyman.
Eva is just charming. How fortunate you are to have this lovely child in your life. Valentine's Day is so much more fun with children.


Happy Valentine's Day to you! Lucky for Eva that she has two days off and a grandma to spend the day with her and buy her a milkshake.
I'm glad that my old machine is not so complicated but in spring I'll let her have spa time in service I think she deserves it.

Barbara Anne

Miss E AND a pertect hole for your new Bernina - how sweet it is!!


Sue Babich

Looks like you 2 had a fun Girls Day !!!

Glad you able to figure out the problem with your new machine. It sure is a beauty :-D

Joan S

What a fun day! She is adorable, Nicole!


Happy Valentine's Day! She's adorable and that milkshake looks pretty good too 😍


Oh Nicole, don't know if it helps but you and I have had the same experience. I just got a new Viking. My drop in shelf was 1/2" too small. Thankfully, my neighbor is a retired cabinet maker so he enlarged it for me. The third day I had it, the cutter stopped working and the tension went completely off. Manual and YouTube finally steered me to lint in the bobbin case. Cleaned it out and then realized I, too, couldn't figure out how to get it back in properly. I love my machine but definitely has a learning curve that I wasn't expecting.

And don't get me started on what happened when I tried something simple like switching!


Eva is adorable! ;p

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