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February 01, 2017



You know you could use a regular 5 1/2" square ruler and just square as you go, for each round, right? I prefer to paper piece my pineapple and log cabin blocks, when it's time to sew them together they line up perfectly. Why not make 12 a month, just a few each week, they add up over the course of a year. That's how I pieced my Village project. This would be a good scrap buster, for all those little scraps I should throw away but just can't. If I have time today I'll play around with one block using a regular ruler and let you know how it goes. The block is adorable, and would look great using any style of fabric.

Barbara Anne

Cute blocks! These are Courthouse Steps blocks, tho! :)

I use my 6.5" and 16.5" rulers to square up after each 4 strips are added.



I only found one picture on Instagram. I must be doing something wrong.
Love your log cabin.

Mary Kastner

They are very sweet blocks. Think I will pass and keep focused on the UFO list for at least another month!


Tracey Holzer

I'll agree with Thelma and say that you should do some a month. There's something incredibly satisfying when you finish a quilt with this much work in it. Go Nicole, go!! :-)


I love the 5" block and since I love to make small blocks and currently making a heart block with pieces that finish at 3/4" I don't htink 1" is so small;-)
I always square my log cabin blocks up after making a round (not that I made so many log cabins) and I'm okay with the results.
Perhaps you could make just a few blocks and then make a small table topper out of them the colors would be perfect for autumn.


I love using the bloc_loc log cabin ruler. It comes in different sizes and you can do as many rounds as you want. You square up after each round so, your blocks turn out "practically perfect" every time!

Love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing your projects and providing creative and inspiring posts. Your fabric choices and piecing are beautiful, always! Kathy


love the tiny one but it would get tedious to make very quickly!


This new issue of APQ is going to be doing a Courthouse Steps quilt along this year. This is the block you are showing. Grab a copy and see what tips and tricks they offer.

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