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February 21, 2017


Barbara Anne

Applause, applause!! Penny Pincher is a marvel of lovely colors and harmony - oh, and that glow!! Qwll sonw!

Hope all that rain moves eastward to give y'all some relief.


Barbara Anne

Oops! Make that Well done! :)

Mary Kastner

THat is one awesome quilt! love it. I am so tired of rain. Just over it! Have a good week Nicole.


Helen storer

Love this quilt. Hope winter ends soon. The spring garden will be lovely.


Very beautiful quilt! I agree it glows. We are tired of the rain too, however much it is needed, it's too much at once! Lots of fallen trees and clogged drainage ditches. I think they may only call the drought as broken, not over. We need a few more normal rainy seasons!

pam hansen

Love your Penny Pincher quilt. The yellow/gold blocks do bring a lovely brightness.
Regarding the rain our local wells are way up as a positive result. Most in Bakersfield were up fifteen feet or more prior to this last round. Every weed seed that could germinate in my yard has done so with this abundant moisture.


I love, love your Penny Pincher it's really stunning!
It's raining here in Munich, too, but nature really needs it and our weather is never so extrem as yours and the rain should stop tomorrow or the day after.


I love, love, love this quilt!

Nancy Watkins

Your quilt is beautiful!


Your Penny Pincher quilt is gorgeous! It's going to brighten up your bedroom with those twinkly colors popping out!! We feel the same way about the non-stop snow in our area this winter & more is forecast later this week!


That quilt is beautiful and does glow. Very nice. I am in the high desert of so cal. This season has been awesome for us but I fear the drought will be something of a political hold over on us by the politicians. They do love to control us. Water has long been a big deal in Ca.


that quilt is gorgeous!! love the bits of gold blocks. it really makes it sparkle. ;p


Penny Pinchers is gorgeous and shows off a wonderful collection of fabrics. Great job as always!


Gorgeous!!! Nice work, and I agree it does seem to glow!

Tracey Holzer

Love Penny Pincher!! Gorgeous.

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