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February 03, 2017


Barbara Anne

Way to go, girl!! Love the fabrics, too.

Our weatherman says Phil the groundhog was wrong for this area.


Stephani in N. TX

Love today's quilt block,kind of classic, kind of a tropical look but in keeping with your colors. Love log cabins, have made many. My favorite variation is Monterrey Medallion by Teri Atkinson. It's hard to get the pattern, the quilt looks complicated but practically makes itself. I have made several as gifts for very special friends. Nothing boring or repetitive about it. Keep up with the great ideas Nicole, you're smok'n.


I love your blocks but Thelma's are great too. Mmmh, perhaps a mixutre of both for me? Enjoy your weekend!

Mary Kastner

The blocks are really pretty. Have a nice weekend!


Tracey Holzer

Your blocks are gorgeous, Nicole. Two thumbs up!! If you don't want those tubs of fabric anymore, feel free to send them my way. :-) Have a great weekend.

Debbie R.

Beautiful blocks. Such yummy combinations of pattern and colour.


Your blocks are really pretty with the colors you've chosen so far! I saw Thelma's & like those, too. Lots to think about. I agree that pressing seams open makes everything look so nice & neat.
And, yeah...about Punxsutawney was -17 (minus!!!!!) here in NW Wyoming overnight & we've had 18" of snow this week. Enough!!


those are beautiful! have a lovely weekend. ;p


I like what you are doing with your fabrics and civil war reproductions are my very favorite, along with RED. Soooo, if you get tired of those fabrics, just send them my way.


This is your hobby not your job, you get to decide how to spend your time in your sewing room, doing what makes you most happy. Those penny pincher blocks are going to blow away, really sew a few more courthouse steps blocks, guilt free!


Absolutely love your fabric choices and how your blocks are turning out! I'm all for eating up some stash so will have to decide which stash to bust first 😉


This is going to make a very pretty quilt and all from stash. Like getting a quilt for free!


These blocks are really coming along and looking good. I think that using one fabric style is a great choice and a good scrappy control that I like! Love them!!!!


Love your color palette and fabric style. It makes a very classy block especially with the larger prints included.

Nancy Watkins

Love the color choices for your log cabins!

Carolyn Hosier

Love this.....YUMMMMM!! Hug's Carolyn

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