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March 16, 2017


Barbara Anne

WOW! Look at all you've accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're not called The Wiz fpr nothing, you know. :)



I would love to make a 2 color pineapple quilt. Yours will be beautiful when done! I made a small one in batiks quite a while ago and did not use a specific ruler. Was tedious to say the least. I'll be checking back to see if any other readers comment on the ruler choices. :)

Mary Kastner

That is a lot of sewing! I am impressed. Love the pineapple blocks!


pam hansen

I tapped on the pineapple blocks to expand the picture and was stunned at how gorgeous your blocks are. It's hard to get moving on a project that has been shelved but this quilt will be so beautiful. And yes I looked at Lisa's quilt and agree it is breathtaking.


Lisa's quilt is stunning and I love your HST blocks on your design wall.
I need to make 16 Pineapple blocks for the 'Long Time Gone' quilt and they are paper-pieced. After making them all I think I'll have enough for Pineapple blocks for a while. They look great but it really takes a long tie to make them.
Today was a great spring day perfect for setting in the sun and enjoy lunch.

Mary Jo Spina

Anita Grossman Sullivan has a wonderful pineapple block cutting method. The way I understand it, it involves a freezer paper drawing ironed onto the top of a stack of fabric and then cut through the lines. No rulers and multiple blocks cut at the same time!

Mary Jo Spina

Darn autocorrect. That's Anita Grossman Solomon.


your blocks are beautiful!


Love how your blocks are coming along! I'm impressed you're keeping up with everything, way to go!


Those pineapple blocks are stunning! I would love to make a pineapple quilt, some day.

Sue Babich

I remember when you started your Pineapple Quilt ! I am SO happy you are going to complete this gorgeous quilt !!


Your quilt blocks are all so neat and I know will make an interesting quilt. I do so much handwork, that sometimes I just like to sit and machine piece as well. I made a pineapple quilt for my son in law, but it was paper pieced. Not sure I would attempt one without the paper.

Robym Gatti

Nicole, the red and white pineapple quilt was my 60th birthday year project last year...6" blocks making 2 a week for the year (100 blocks paper pieced) it came out absolutely beautiful! So many of your fabrics look like what mine looked will be beautiful! Enjoy the process...

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