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March 23, 2017



I love the soft hues, very soothing!! Actually when I first saw the photo as I pulled up your blog this morning I thought "spring breezes". "Hawaiian Beach" also came to mind....we just visited Hawaii and maybe that is just on my mind...LOL Seriously though the varied blue colors and the varied sand colors...ahhhh, take me back. LOL
Anyway, great finish Nicole!!! You sure do get lots of sewing done!

Barbara Anne

Lovely quilt ! Applause!!

How about Bee Mine as its name?


Amy L

There are two blue flowers that come to mind when looking at your top. One is Eryngium, with varieties with names like Blue Oxford and Sea Holly Blue Glitter. (There are probably more varieties. These came from a quick Google search.) It has a nice round ball that has spikes coming off of it, and attracts bees. The other is another spiky blue ball named Echinops or Globe Thistle. I hope Sara enjoys snuggling under this one.


How about saw-tooth pinwheel? Love the color combination. A very "calm" feeling palette.

Mary Kastner

VEry pretty! I have to think about another name.



I, too, love the fabrics here. How about calling it buzz bee gone - Sara wants the buzz gone, and bees are becoming an endangered species.....

Jaye MacFadyen

Such a beautiful quilt. How about calling it something simple, yet something we all strive for - "Bee Happy"

Leslie Myers

Sounds of spring!

Kath Shively

The Perfect Storm. Love your quilt! I've been trying to find a quilt pattern for my son (early/mid 20s) for quite some time, not finding the 'perfect' one - until today! I even have just the fabric (2- 6" jelly rolls) in blues and creams. Thanks for the inspiration.
.. How about ' Bee Buzzing 'round ' or just ' Bee Buzzing ' for your quilt's name?

Tracey Holzer

Maybe it doesn't need a name?? How about Blue Ridge? Its not a cute name but incorporates the blue and mountains.

Betty Meyer

In the Midwest, we would call it windmills. But maybe that dates me to memories of childhood. Very pretty. What a great use of jelly rolls.

pam hansen

Your daughter's quilt is lovely. Please show us the top when it comes back from your longarm
While I like the name Buzz Saw I would also like Round and Round.


How about Garden Buzz?
When I couldn't come up with a name for a quilt for my daughter Erica, she said, "Erica's Quilt" lol


Beautiful quilt top! I agree with you 'summer Wind' isn't a good name and Buzz Saw sounds abit too unfriendly and hard for this beauty. How about March Madness? Don't know if it's better but it's March and you must have sewn like crazy to finish this top so quick.


how 'bout Breezy Bees?

naming quilts is SO HARD - almost as difficult as naming babies...


it has bees it does look like a buzz it bzzzzz (sounds a bee's wing makes) ;p

Debbie R.

The quilt reminds me of a Gentle Breeze. Calm, cool, blue-green, soft and soothing.


gloria g. Walls

Cutting Up.....maybe she will like that. If anyone gave me a quilt, I don't care what it is called, I will love it, use it, show it off.....:>)

Patty Fowl

I don't usually name my quilts but "Serenity" comes to mind when I look at your quilt. It is a beauty!


Love it 😍! I kind of didn't get the summer wind name either but then when I saw it, it kind of reminds me of summer skies. Maybe Summer Skies or Breezy Winds? Whatever you name it, it's gorgeous!


I have no suggestions for a name. That part always stumps me! Although I'm sure it's stating the obvious, does Sara have an alternate name that she likes? Or, how about asking Eva for ideas?


I took a class on this pattern once and they called it a Rocky Mountain Sparkler...I'm not sure I like that name any more than Summer Wind. In any event, your quilt is stunning!

Joyful Quilter

LOVE the fabric and soft colors. Looks a bit like a blue dahlia.

Sharon Tucker

This is pretty, I did one with red/green/cream for christmas years ago and I just love it. I enjoy it every season. I'm sure Sara will enjoy this one, regardless of the name. What about Sara's Quilt #__

Nancy Watkins

This quilt has a soothing, calm effect when I look at it and is very pretty!

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