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March 24, 2017


Barbara Anne

Well bummer and bother! I suppose this just shows that occasionally even sewing wizards have difficukt days. Love your fabrics, tho! :)

Big hugs!


OK...I'll say it first. I could deal with the backwards block units, using the wrong size ruler or even being called into work unexpectedly. But, having no cleaning lady for two months????? That, without a doubt, would push me right over the edge! I feel your pain! 😢

Tracey Holzer

Well kudos to you if you really ripped that courthouse block apart. Mine would've hit the garbage!! And I did the exact same thing as you on the BH...except with two blocks on BOTH sides!! LOL. Today will be better for you, just smooth sailing!! Have a great weekend.


Oh, no! I hate these kinds of days. Tomorrow will be better!


Yuuk, what a day! We all get them sometimes. I hope
today is better. All of your blocks are lovely. I love the way you put colors/prints/textures together.


We all have these kind of days someties they suck. But hang in there tomorrow's another day and it can only get better:-) Wish you a wonderful weekend!


Looking at the picture of the pattern (top pic) isn't the upper left square positioned incorrectly? I would turn it to left one turn! You aren't the only one making boo-boos!!


You are so funny! Love that you got grumpy when it didn't work out, keeping it it real! Your top two blocks came out really pretty so at least you got two out of three! I'm sure you will get back in your groove again 😀

Helen storer

Your stars were definitely nit aligned, things can only get better!


Hope today goes better for you. I worked on a simple block Thursday, figured one hour max......3 hours later I finally finished. Kept seeing the HST on in the wrong direction.

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