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March 21, 2017


Barbara Anne

Well done! A friend says that even planning a quilt in your head or considering border ideas counts as quilting time and I agreeee. Life is all about balance. :)

We have cold rain this morning and a few more nights with temperatures beloww freezing.


Mary Kastner

Raining here this morning. Looks like your new quilts are coming along nicely.

Tracey Holzer

Oh my goodness, stop telling me about your mild weather and sitting on your deck reading! LOL Its still in the minuses up here, but there is promise on the horizon soon. I finished two of Blockheads 2 on Sunday and I'll have to order some more background fabric as I'm thinking that mine is too busy. And about the pineapples, I too have the Possibilities book, but I also have paper templates from Gigi's Thimble and I'm leaning towards using the papers. What are your thoughts on this?? Have a great day on your deck in your sunshiney weather!!

Tracey Holzer

And did you say that your Blockheads will be made with only Kansas Troubles? Your blocks are looking great.


I love your blocks! The blockheads are so fun to sew can't wait for the new pattern tomorrow!


Love all your blocks! Can't wait to see your pineapple one loving the color combo.


Your pineapple quilt is going to be a stunner! Enjoy your fun times with Eva!

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