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March 09, 2017


Barbara Anne

What a beautiful book! Sorry the insides are not as wonderful.

I've helped with many colonoscopies and the medicines are lovely. One we called "the happy to be here" medicine just sweetly erases your memory so the next thing you know, you're back home sitting in your recliner - which is why you cannot drive yourself home!

Will check out the links! Thannk you!



That is a lovely book, and sounds like an interesting topic. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Kastner

Glad you survived the prep and the procedure is over. MY Mom had colon cancer so I am on the five year plan. Not until next year. I have the Olio top half put together - 9 out of the 18 rows. It looks pretty cool but definitely not a beginner quilt. CArrie is a quilt genius.



The cover is truely beautiful too bad that the story is just lala.
Glad your colonoscopy went well and yes it's important to have it every few years but gladly I'm still too young for it and there are no cases in my family.
I've made my blockhead block yesterday and opened all my seams and stay-stitched my block (look at the Moda blog for the tip) nd it worked like magic. I really find it easier with open seams in a sampler quilt with small blocks because it reduces a lot of bulk.


Good to hear your procedure went easily. That book is beautiful...what is the saying about not judging a book by its cover? Hope you had a nice day off with lots of sewing!

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