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March 15, 2017


Barbara Anne

Ditto. But my hubby is the cook AND he keeps ALL of the old pans, pots, and some skillets. And all of the family cast iron cookware. And our kitchen does not have lots of cabinets. Sigh!

Love your new copper set!



I still have th same set I got as a wedding present 43 years ago! My husband could care less about anything in the kitchen except his favorite coffee mug.


I am single and I do love pots and pans. I try very hard not to buy new ones. After all it is just me. How many pans does a single lady need? My biggest thing is stock pots. I have three - a 12 qt., 10 qt, and 8 qt. I have no room for the 12 quart in my cupboards so I keep it in a spare room. I hope you bond with your new pans and turn out some fabulous dishes!

pam hansen

Interesting tale of a man who doesn't cook but enjoys cookware. I'm curious if he buys in department stores or speciality stores. Most of us live with men who are totally oblivious to pots and pans and wouldn't think to enter a store and browse for what's new in cookware.

Tracey Holzer

I'd go for the cooking lessons in France, too!! LOL. Just think of how much better your cooking will be now!!! Enjoy your day. Actually, I have a meeting tonight...for my boys' school trip to France. Do you want to maybe chaperone 50 highschoolers to France, England and Holland???

Mary Kastner

That story is curious and hilarious. I can't imagine my husband doing this one. Not in a million years. No way. France sounds good. After being married almost as long as you have, I have learned to just go along with the flow. he occasionally pushes me over the cliff but not with a new set of pots and pans. Count your blessings (and your pans)!

Kathy Czuprynski

I thought for sure that a comment would come up about buying fabric or kits! My husband shakes his head at all of the fabric and batting that comes in this house! Hey, he's getting a lovely American Eagle quilt soon that I'm working on!


Oh this post gave me a chuckle. We don't have a new set of pots, but every once in a while a new one comes our way. We have this huge pot, that I thought "oh we will never use it" but my hubby likes to cook, and has made enough black bean chili to feed an army! But don't get me started on grills! We have three Webers and a smoker, with a larger one on the way :-) And I've only been married 43 years!

Becky T

Dose he know that if you ever find out that he got rid of your cast iron that is grounds for divorce...

Kathleen G

Oh my. I don't think I could be very nice in these circumstances. Why a man who doesn't cook would be obsessed with cookware(where does he hear about/see all this new stuff??), is beyond me. And I would be FURIOUS if my husband tried to replace my tried and true and beloved pieces. Like you, I have special pans and pots for special dishes, and to lose those would be heart breaking. So happy you have a place to hide them away! Have you considered getting him into therapy? LOL!! There HAS to be a reason for this!


First, congratulations on 48 years of marriage! We're 2 years behind you & my husband always says, 'blissful years' when asked how many anniversaries we've reached. Anyhow...we have our original set of Revere Ware copper bottom pans along with a collection of cast iron that's seasoned just right from all those years of use. My husband can make me crazy at times but, fortunately, he leaves the cookware alone! We save our discussions for the laundry--I could re-write your blog post with THAT controversy!! They all have their areas of expertise, don't they????


People who don't cook don't understand the emotional and practical attachment cooks develop with pans and tools.

when we make a dish in the same pan each time, we gauge how quickly it does or doesn't cook, how evenly it does or doesn't cook, so the next time adjustments can be made until the dish comes out perfectly.

i cook so i understand exactly how you feel. ;p


Oh no, poor you. But perhaps your husband actually thinks that you would love to have some new cookware and with buying them he wants to show you how much he appreciate your cooking. And perhaps your nxt vacation will be to France;-)


What s great post today. None of my cookware matches but each has a specific job just like yours. Keep your favorites hidden.


Wow you are way too nice! Does he have anything he covets, like special tools? If so, I would buy some new ones and get of his old ones and see how he likes it. It makes no sense although I do love buying cooking too,s and am not the primary cook but do bake. I show my husband what I buy and if he doesn't like it I take it back. Let's hope he doesn't start buying you new fabric collections 😱


Oh, you made me laugh while I was reading this post!! I'm sure that his intentions are good, but I can understand your frustration.


hahaha, I would love new/old pots and pans. Where do you send them? I have a couple pans I love but would love to have my husband upgrade me! I coveted a set of hand hammered pots for the longest time but need to pay for braces instead :)


WOW! How interesting your hubs purchases cookwear and not golf clubs or fishing rods. I have had the same set of All Clad for almost thirty years and cannot image trying to cook with anything else. Don't even get me started on my love affair with my iron skillets. Am sure the cookwear is beautiful and I do think you should ask your hubs to send you to cooking school in France!

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