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March 30, 2017


Barbara Anne

What wonderful inspiration! Best of all, you go your own way when you want to - as usual!

Thanks for the links, too.



Thanks for all of your inspiration!! I wanted to do the flying geese too but have no idea what size. What are you doing?

Tracey Holzer

No, you can never go wrong with Carrie!! I didn't make the bee skep, but instead I made my first-ever pineapple block, paper-pieced. After doing this block, I think I'll make my pineapple quilt with my papers instead of my possibilities ruler. I'll make Lisa's second block today, too. I hadn't seen her post so thanks for sharing. As for my setting plan for BH, I am going to follow the first Farmers Wife and do sashings and cornerstones.

Nicole Reed

My flying geese units are 1 1/2 x 3" finished.


Cute block! I've made Lisa's alternative block too but changed the construction a bit s I don't have to cute 1/16" pieces (no, that's not whining that's staying sane;-)
I know Carrie plans to use the flying geese in the border she mentioned it last week or the week before.


I've made many of Carrie's Miss Rosie's Co. patterns; both regular sized & Schnibble sized! I agree you can't go wrong with her designs! Her blog for Moda usually has something interesting & informative. I like your alternate block & it looks like you have a good stack of flying geese finished.

Stephani in N. TX

Dropping in to say hello Nicole. I checked back and your last post I read was March 13. I have moved to the big city of Dallas, on the outskirts. I had to wait to have an internet dish in addition to the TV dish in order to have TV and internet "in the country." But yours was the first blog I got to look at when the installer said, okay, go ahead and look at what your normally use your computer for. I'm excited that I have two weeks of your blogs to enjoy, and then on to my other favorites. I am so excited to see your blog after all this packing and unpacking and signing to sell one house and buy another. This is my first new residence in 32 years, since my husband passed a couple of years ago. The children are close, the grandchildren are the stars in my life as they were meant to be. But, I'm just as excited to get to quilting again and reading the blogs that carried me through to this point. I'm happy to be on board again.


You're so funny WWCD! I love Carries sense of humor on her posts, she seems like she would be so fun to hang out with in real life.

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