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May 02, 2017


Barbara Anne

Excellent organization!!! Do you need any more 4" strips of those colors?



How fun, cant wait to see this start coming together. What kind of starch do you use on your fabric and can you dry the fabric once starched in a dryer?


I love scrappy also but am like you and will control it! I know it takes a bit longer but I would be bugged to death to have too many of the same fabrics all grouped near each other when completed. Love this quilt!


You will love making this. I've become a little addicted to tumbler/triangle quilts lately. They are quite fun to make. This will be stunning.


Thanks for writing about the process behind the piecing of this quilt. Hurray for having a stash!

Loris Mills

This will be beautiful! I didn't know about the grippers on Creative Grids rulers. That would be a nice feature. Have fun stitching!

Debbie R.

It looks and sounds like you're having fun!

Laura Valdez

I am loving this quilt!!! Love his color choices too!


That quilt is going to be beautiful! 'Controlled scrappy' is what I like to say about the process! I'm also enjoying the Itty Bitty Eighths Creative Grids rulers for both the 1/8"markings & the built-in grips.


This is awesome! Love that your son is involved in this process.


I totally get the organized scrappiness and not-the-same-fabric-touching rule I'm the same (perhaps it's a quilter thing). Love how your quilt looks so far:-)

Nancy Watkins

This is really a pretty quilt! I have always found pyramids intimidating but your tips make it look like something I could actually do! After you saturate your fabric with starch and let it dry, you just iron and start cutting?

Mary Kastner

I need to try the starching trick. I use some but not a lot and everyone seems to really like this method. Thanks for the info. Pretty quilt!



Wow! I'm so in love with this project 😍 Love the mix of the golds with the blacks!


Looking good! This design has been on my "list" for a long time too, I haven't worked with 60 degree angles yet. I'm going to follow along and pick up tips from you.

Robby H.

What a dramatic image your son picked for the inspiration for this quilt. And your project is looking great. I am also intrigued by the starching process. Any chance you'll post for all of us curious people? Or maybe you already have a post you can point us to? It seems like a great idea on this quilt with all those bias edges.


Just a question about Ahren's quilt. Could you use charm squares for this?
I know one triangle per square-but it's a baby quilt and I don't want to spend a fortune on fabric that will be leftover.

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