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April 17, 2017



Thanks for the review. I have considered buying this tool, but the cost verses its limited use has been a discourager for me. Its nice to see how it works.

Susie Q

it is those grooves that make the ruler so expensive. and it is the grooves that keep the ruler from rocking while trimming.

the lock block for half square triangles can be bought in a larger size and used for several size blocks.

I keep my loc block rulers in a pouch in a certain drawer so I ALWAYS can find them!

Barbara Anne

Interesting review - thank you!

Methinks I will stick with my chart from the All the Blocks Are Flying Geese book by Mary Sue Suit and be very careful as I trim. I do use a swivel platform so as not to move the block as I trim.


Lin McQ

I have several of the loc bloc rules..flying geese and half square triangles. Yes, it was an investment, but well worth it in my opinion. I always save the cut offs to get bonus half square triangles and these rulers make resizing them a breeze. I love them!

Jan Altomare

A few bloc locs are on my wish list. I like the HST on can be used on various sizes.

Loris Mills

I love those Bloc Loc rulers :-) I just treated myself to the one for triangles in a square. It makes 3" blocks which is fortunately what I needed. It includes templates to cut oversize pieces to sew together and then you trim. Uses a bit more fabric but they turn out gorgeous. I have also used the tri recs ruler version which is handy but there is no room for error.
Pricey yes but definitely a treat to use!

Tracey Holzer

I have never used the BlocLocs. Our guild did buy some with grant funding that we get, but I have yet to use them. I looked up Palm Desert on google maps, and it doesn't look like it would be too far from Temecula Quilt Co. Ni-cole!! Have you ever been to that shop?

Mary Kastner

Great demonstration for bloc locs. THey do work beautifully. I will give you my hint about getting a little more use out of an expensive tool. You can always use the top end of the ruler to get that most important tip cut and then trim the rest of your block with another ruler. That extends it's use a bit. Sounds like you had a nice Easter. Things went south here - the little one had the stomach flu!


Anne Simonot

I have a couple of sizes, and I like them. But yes, pricey! Try factoring in Canadian exchange & shipping -- ouch!


Thanks for the great review on the bloc loc ruler. I don't have a ruler yet and don't think I'll buy one soon because they are really, really expensive. I trust my good old ruler I cna use for my normal cutting too;-)


I saw this 'hint' online when I first got my Fit To Be Geese that makes fitting into the top of the triangle with the ruler easier. Take several layers of Post-it note paper cut into a 1" square & stick them precisely into the point on the ruler. It works well & I also use a rotating cutting mat which is the key to near-perfect flying geese, in my opinion. I haven't seen the tiny mat & will have to be on the look out for one!


i have and use bloc-loc flying geese rulers. they are expensive. unfortunately, they don't always come in the size i need. :(

i still haven't tried the one by Monique. I need to do that!


Great review! I've been wanting to get some but the price stopped me, now I know i should only get the size I need the most. Lol about Eva, kids are so smart nothing slips their minds.

Sue Slater

I had a gazillion HSTs to trim and found the BlocLoc well worth the cost. Saved me time and frustration.


As a general rule I won't spend big bucks on a specialty ruler that works with just one size block. Maybe if I were doing an Ocean Waves quilt I would consider investing in a Bloc Loc Flying Geese ruler . . . I do have the Bloc Loc for HSTs and love it because it works on so many size blocks. For Flying Geese of many sizes I love my Wing Clipper ruler by Deb Tucker. But before I had either of those specialty rulers, I did just fine using markings on a regular 6-1/2" square Olfa ruler!


I like the Bloc Loc products, but the cost detours me from purchasing the Flying Geese templates. I do have the hst one and love how it works. Thanks for the demo.

Kathy Czuprynski

I have almost every size. I love the mini ones! Another cool thing is when you don't end up with enough fabric to make a 1/4" seam, I will line up the sewing line on the ruler on the opposite edge from the "bad" side. Then the top of the ruler is my new sewing line! Mark it and .... Boom! Sew on the line. The finished size come out perfect!


I LOVE the Bloc-Loc 6.5" triangle ruler. Without question it is my favorite for trimming HSTs. Worth every penny. I have a couple of the Flying Geese ones but haven't played around with them yet. Flying Geese and I have a mutual dislike of each other!

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