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April 05, 2017



OMG!!! Lots if irons in the fire for me. Many times I wish I could be focused on one project...only when there is a deadline!! It keeps life interesting.

Barbara Anne

Applause for all you've accomplished of your block projects! HSTs are amazingly versitle and they're fun to make, too.

I'm a "lots of irons in the fire" quilter, but that leaves me with UFOs too often.

Love the fabrics your son sent!



I have too many irons in the fire for the amount of sewing that I do anymore. Although this weekend I did make a baby quilt, which I'm not happy with. Love the pattern, but my daughter asked me to put minkee on the back and to skip the batting as it's going to Florida. I just wasn't happy with the results and won't be doing that again! Live and learn, I guess. Now that I somewhat have my quilting mojo back, I should start the Blockheads blocks before I get too far behind! I love all of yours, they're just beautiful!


Like you, I always have a few projects to work on. That way you can work on what interests you that day.
Eventually, all your blocks will be finished and you'll have four amazing quilts!

Patty Fowl

For me, I have a limited number of irons in the fire. Currently am working on Lisa Bonjean's Triangle Gatherings, another monthly BOM, and an ongoing project that I can work on in between. My sewing space isn't huge so I am not happy with too much disorganization. And I really dislike UFO's!

Helen storer

I too have a few things on tge go but tgats how I like it. Am enjoying blockhead blocks and am getting better at the small blocks starching is the trick

Loris Mills

I am mostly a one project at a time girl though I have an additional hand project that seems to languish most of the time. Machine piecing is still my favorite thing to do. And apparently collecting BOM patterns ;-)


I am an "irons in the fire" approach but that can get me in trouble. I am saving Blockhead blocks and Triangle Gatherings because I am still working on the Magic of btwn other things. Love what you do!

Mary Kastner

NO more puttering for you girl. I have way too many undones. Trying to finish more this year. So far 3 finishes!



Typically, I have a quilt in the works along with smaller projects such as bags or art quilts. I often do the binding on Guild charity quilts so there's usually one of those calling my name, too. I've tried BOM's but just can't seem to see them through to the finish. Love the colors in your son's fat quarter bundle!


I always have more then one project to make some are year long sew-alongs others are just something I want to make right now. And yes, there're projects which will never get finished;-)


Sadly, I have too many projects I am working on but at least I can print out the blocks and then finish up the project at a later time. Enjoy that Deb Strain project. Sounds interesting.

Sharon Tucker

I figure as long as the projects are moving forward, it's all good. Plus it's nice to switch up to keep the mojo going.


I love that fabric line by Deb Strain! your son has good taste.

I am too many irons in the fire kind of quilter but somehow it all makes me happy. ;p


I have lots of projects on-going at any given time. But that makes ke happy so I see no reason to change


Bee Creative (Deb Strain from last year) plays nicely with Bee Inspired - and i don't think it has any butterflies...


Lot of irons, but it's good to enjoy an opportunity when it comes along.

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