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April 27, 2017


Barbara Anne

Aoolause, applause! Thank you for the helpful hints, too!

Heaven help me, I'm rearranging my sewing room. Am I nuts??



Great tips today for teeny blocks! They all look great on the wall! I'd sit & admire my work a lot if I were you!

Tracey Holzer

Your blocks are very nice, Nicole. Just look at how everything lines up in your blocks. I hope to get caught up today, as I haven't made week 7 BH yet nor the extra blocks that have been released either. Work, yard work, kids, laundry, LOL. Just yesterday, my friend who's also doing BH asked me how my block sizes are and I said that they're ok and I think its because of my Best Press. I see you have the same opinion! Have a great day.


I love your blocks! The modablockheads are so much fu to make and I'm always making the 3" extra block Betsy is posting (1/2" finished HSTs this time the 1" HSTs seemed pretty big next to them;-)


Thanks for the great tips on working with those little pieces. I usually oversize and cut down but my friends like the starch method you mentioned, I'm just so impatient waiting for stuff to dry!

Tracey Holzer

Nicole, Did you make this block exactly as the instructions told us to?? or did you improvise at all? What I'd like to know is if I could use EZ Angle for the HST?? Have you used one, sorry I can't remember.

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