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May 01, 2017


Barbara Anne

You go, girl!! 1000 Pyramids is daunting to say the least, but am glad that you and Ahren are having a good time colaberation on this striking quilt!



I love the photograph and the fabrics you are using are a perfect match. You can totlly use a border perhaps a light smallinner border and then a darker wider one for the outside.

gloria g. Walls

this is


What an amazing picture that your son used as his fabric inspiration!!!


An awesome color combo that matches that dramatic photo perfectly. .


The first quilt I ever made was a thousand pyramid quilt. I saw a picture of one in a magazine and I was hooked. The quilt did have a border on it so I put a border on mine. The quilt was also made with scraps, but I knew nothing about quiltmaking so I would just buy 1/8 yard pieces of fabric to hand cut with a scissors - no rotary cutters back in the mid-70's! The colors you are using a fabulous and they are going make a stunning quilt!

pam hansen

I did a close up of the fabrics and they are lovely. Ahren is going to be so pleased.


Looks amazing! Kudos to both you and your son! This will look spectacular on a bed.

Debbie R.

It is going to be stunning!


The fabrics are elegant! This is going to be a gorgeous quilt! Ahren clearly inherited your skills in choosing fabric!

Mary Kastner

That is so cool! Love it,


Saw this pic on IG and love the color combination and the pattern together. It will be a wonderful quilt and he will surely be pleased! Did your son take the inspiration photo?

Nancy Watkins

Perfect choice for this it!

Janet O.

I love that inspiration photo! It does seem like the perfect line to give the desired effect. That is an ambitious pattern--did you choose it or did he? : )


WOW - the picture is amazing, and I think your quilt is too!!!

Sharon Tucker

this is a perfect rendition of that photo. When I random piece, I just make sure its not the same as the next one. Then it's the challenge of putting the rows together.This is fabulous.

Sue Babich

This quilt is GORGEOUS! I am hoarding the BEE CREATIVE fabric I have in my stash just waiting for the perfect quilt pattern ;-)


Love the inspirational photo and your progress! You really captured the look he was going for. You're just a little worker bee 😂

Helen storer

What more can I say but stunning! I am travelling for work to that tiny island at the bottom of Australia - Tasmania. Have managed to pop into a coupke of quilt shops along the way, brought some cute fabric to make a couple of baby boy quilts.

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