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May 19, 2017



Wonderful quilt, I cant imagine your son being anything but proud and happy to receive this quilt. A sparkly clean house - a woman's dream!

Barbara Anne

Well done on the delightful progress you've made on Ahren's dynamic quilt! Perhaps using a dark grey or black fabric marker you can doodle over those butterflies to obscure them a bit? No unstitching needed if that would work!

Send your cleaners eastward, please and thank you!


Stephani in N. TX

Great quilt for Ahren. As we quilters know well, with that many pieces to your quilt, I dare Ahren to ever find those butterflies or care if he did. The overall impression is awesome. Think of it as blended design rather than a boo-boo. He will love it. I need your cleaners, still have a lot of new construction dust settling at my house. The windows for sure need some help. I've already washed the ones that look out on ancient trees and farmland, the view enriches my soul.


By enlarging the photos I can appreciated the color and design even more. I like the simplicity of it.


The quilt is coming along so beautifully. I am sure what Ahren meant is that he didn't want it to be overrun with butterflies. A random one here or there certainly does not make this quilt any less masculine in my opinion. I would definitely not unsew those triangles for a reason like that. He is going to love it as is!


I love your quilt it looks amazing and I'm sure Ahren will be pleased even with butterflies!

Tracey Holzer

The money is well worth it!!
This is a great quilt, Nicole. When you cut the pieces out with the creative grids ruler, are the pieces cut in such a way that they fit together somehow? Is the template designed like that? I'm wondering how your rows are so straight??

Mary Kastner

Awesome quilt Nicole. love, love, love the colors. MAsculine but this girl would take it in a minute! lucky birthday boy!



Personally, I wouldn't fuss with changing the butterflies because overall, it's busy enough that they won't 'pop.' Now that the housecleaners have taken care of hard-to-reach areas it should take them less time to maintain on future visits. I say it's worth the cost if they're doing the job well!


Looks awesome! I'm sure he understands the amount of work you are putting into this wonderful gift and won't mind a few MOTHS, not butterflies. :)

rose appel

Beautiful, love the colors . I have some old quilting magazines and just love many of the older patterns,and today with so many beautiful materials it is hard to decide.

Sharon Tucker

I have to chuckle about the butterflies. I did a quilt that was set on point and I had to build it in two parts. Yup, two bright chrome yellow blocks, smack together in the middle of the top. I picked out one and moved it to the corner. It really won't take you long. this is an amazing top, the colors are exactly like the inspiration picture. Great work. And yes, peeking into the past can be a fantastic source of ideas.


I love that your son loves quilts. My husband loves the ones I have made him and uses them most days. Makes me happy!

Yes, a clean house is wonderful. All of those hard to reach places are a pain. Cleaning baseboards? A PAIN. I gave up cleaning windows. I hire a couple that do an excellent job(screens too). So worth it!

It's gonna be hot this weekend. Stay cool!


Lovely quilt...funny, I saw a very scrappy one at guild today and loved it!


A one unit block shouldn't be considered simple. Your top is fantastic.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I really love Ahren’s quilt. That might just be the pattern I use for my Bee Inspired fat quarters. I wish you could send your housekeepers out my way. The lady who cleans for me is short and is afraid of ladders, so the top half of my house goes undone.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Hey Nicole. I just enlarged the pic of Ahren’s quilt and realized those ARE Be Inspired fabrics. Ha Ha!


quilt looks great...glad you could get a new cleaner........they don't want to travel out to me.....but I would love one to just clean the floors and bathroom even.....

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