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May 24, 2017


Kathi Kittle

I am doing the Moda are a few fellow quilters from my area in Vermont. We get together once a month to check our progress and offer encouragement! I still need to do #11, as it looks like a stickler. You did a great job. Maybe I'll have to try the triangle papers.


How do you keep up with blocks of the week? Do you have a specific day to do them?? Lovely blocks, by the way!

Mary Kastner

No, neither one although I am certainly following along. I am really trying to focus on undone projects and keeping up with Jo Club projects. That statement is truly a full time job for me. Too much temptation everywhere!



I love the modablockheads blocks they re really fun to make! And yes, the block last week was a challenge but honestly I thought it would be a lot worse then it actually was. I've downloaded all of the triangle blocks but didn't made one so far. Perhaps when I've finished some other things.

Barbara Anne

Love your wee blocks and the bravery of you and others to tackle such tiny block units. I'n not doing either of these challenges.



There's just so many stitching opportunities. I was starting to do Lisa's triangles, but have kind of petered out. I'll make a few more and come up with a plan on how to use them. Like you mentioned The 6" size is a great way to practice your sewing accuracy.

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