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May 22, 2017



your quilt and quilting look nice, I can see why you are pleased. What do you put in your hummingbird feeder? Looks like some kind of leaves.


I just love to see a hummingbird! They are so incredible.
Your quilt is lovely and that bee is so cute.

Loris Mills

Your quilt turned out beautifully! I love that bee too :-) Enjoy those wonderful flowers!

Sue Babich

How Cute ! Love the bees and daisies on your quilt !

These are my favorite flowers. They survive our winters when we have snow and the colors they have this year are just beautiful

Tracey Holzer

90 degrees?!? Wow. Is that typical for May in California??
Buzz saw is very soft and pretty and the bees are super cute! I hope that you have a quilty kind of week, Nicole!!


I love your quilt and the bees are really cute (although they look more like bummelbees).
Enjoy your pretty flowers and the wonderful weather!


The colors in Sara's quilt are so soft & cozy looking. I really like the bees & flowers you chose for the quilting. We also bought our annuals this week-end but since we had 3" of snow last week we'll be waiting to do the actual planting. I wouldn't want your 90° temps but warmer weather would be welcome!

Cathy Luff

The quilt is gorgeous. The fabrics caught my eye because I just finished a quilt top last night with Garden Notes. I love it! Did you use a precut or yardage?


Super cute!

pam hansen

Beautiful finish for your quilt!
Love that color on your floral hanging basket too.

Marylou Hansen

The quilt is just beautiful. It's very soothing.

Barbara Anne

Great quilt and stellare quilting! Sara will be overjoyed, as willl Eva!

I no longer get hanging baskets as ouur yard is a woodlane and is lvely.



that quilt is lovely! love the bees. ;p

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